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How Buick Got Their Brand in the Right (Podcast) Hands

Jul 1, 2021

If you’re a loyal podcast listener, a bonus episode of your favorite show can be the highlight of your week. That’s exactly what the fans of Office Ladies received, thanks to a special podcast episode made possible by Buick in a first-ever, cross-platform sponsorship with SXM Media.

We partnered with the brand to help launch their all-new Envision luxury SUV through a surprise full-length episode titled “Monday Motivation.” The strategy behind the theme tied into how the Buick Envision can “keep up with the chaos” and help you seize the week. With Buick aiming to reach a younger, female demographic, we aligned their unique launch with the laid-back, relatable Office Ladies audience, content, and hosts.

Custom Content Done Right

Hosts Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsbury created a natural story for Buick—and their listeners. To address consumers’ misconception of the brand, Buick gave Jenna and Angela an opportunity to experience the modern design and advanced technology for themselves. Buick lent the ladies two brand new Buick Envisions to try out. By getting hands-on with the vehicle, they were able to speak naturally, honestly, and off-script about the product throughout the episode—allowing their passion to come through. From the style and technology of the SUV to the “boss babe” mentality and family-focused feeling, their personal responses allowed them to connect with their listeners in an authentic way.

"We enjoyed building this custom episode of the Office Ladies with the SXM Media team," said Kate Hrabovsky, Buick Advertising and Media Operations Manager. "Jenna and Angela brought the Buick brand and the technology-packed 2021 Envision to life so naturally for their audience, who is a perfect fit for Buick, making this a win-win for us."

Results: 500,000 Downloads and Counting

As for their fans? They loved it, too. The episode was downloaded more than 500,000 times in the first week. Social promotion for the bonus content on their Instagram account, @officeladiespod, garnered more than 100,000 views and hundreds of comments from delighted fans who were excited about the extra episode. After the bonus episode came out, our Nielsen Podcast Ad Effectiveness study showed that listeners had significantly higher brand affinity and were more likely to seek out information about Buick. (Take a listen to the episode.)

SXM Media Custom Solutions Result in Brand-Listener Engagement

Podcast listeners are a very appealing audience for automotive marketers. They’re young, affluent, diverse consumers—not to mention, they’re more likely to purchase luxury vehicles and SUVs within the next year, according to Nielsen. And because the majority of podcast listeners take action as a result of hearing an ad, podcasts are a key ingredient in our partners’ media mix. Buick maximized on this knowledge.

Buick Found Their Niche

When Buick personalized the customer experience, they found their niche within Office Ladies. In turn, this custom episode resonated with their listeners while thoughtfully speaking to the Buick Envision lifestyle—it was a true testament to the power of SXM Media and cross-platform promotions across Pandora and Stitcher audiences.

The Secret to Brand and Podcast Alignment

The secret to Buick’s podcast campaign success was all about alignment. When you’re looking at content alignment, bring the following components together to connect your brand with hosts in authentic ways—and get consumers motivated.

Find Relatable Hosts - Get your brand in front of the people who share your core values. Finding a host who can relate to your brand will allow them to speak openly and honestly about your product.

Leave Room for the Personal Touch - Good experiences are contagious. By having hosts share their personal experiences with your brand, they can further connect with their listeners and share your brand story with them.

Add Value for Listeners - Give your consumers a little something extra. Maybe it’s a bonus episode of their favorite podcast; maybe it’s a special offer. Add value with your brand experience

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