How Streaming TV Can Fight Subscriber Churn with Podcast Ads

MaryKate Breslin, Senior Manager, Market ResearchSep 26, 2023

Our podcast listeners are also streaming TV fans, making the medium the perfect way to win new subscribers and keep current customers engaged.

Summer doesn’t last forever. The days grow shorter, temperatures drop, and we all start spending more time indoors. It’s time to get cozy on the couch and find something to watch. Increasingly, this means browsing video streaming services from the comfort of our own homes. For advertisers, it's primetime—an opportunity to win over audiences and attract new subscribers. And they can reach these TV lovers through another wildly popular medium: podcasts.

Podcast Listeners Are Leaning Toward Streaming

When podcast listeners are looking for something to watch, they’re more likely to turn to streaming TV—with 94% of them using streaming video services, subscribing to an average of four ad-free services. In contrast, 66% of podcast listeners are cord-cutters or cord-nevers, an +11% increase since 2021.

TLDW: Podcast listeners are also streaming TV fans, making it an excellent medium for streaming video service advertisers to reach current and future subscribers.

Considering Adding a New Subscription

Beyond engaging and connecting with current subscribers, there’s another opportunity for advertisers—acquisition. Among non-users of streaming video services who listen to podcasts, we found that 51% are likely to subscribe to an ad-free video streaming service in the future. Among podcast listeners who are considering subscribing to a new streaming video service, the most important features are access to exclusive content (e.g., TV shows and movies), older shows (e.g., The Office and Friends) and family-friendly, child-safe programming.

TLDW: Streaming video service brands looking to increase customer acquisition amongst podcast listeners should focus advertising messages on differentiators, old favorites, and programming that’s suitable for the whole family. 

Looking to Switch it Up

In a challenging economy and saturated marketplace, subscriber churn is a real concern for video streaming brands. Viewers mix and match services, picking up one and dropping another. And podcast listeners are no different, with 47% canceling their streaming subscription after a show they’re watching has ended and 55% re-subscribing once there is new content they’re interested in.

It's clear that fresh content is a driver for audiences, and podcasts are playing a significant role in discovery. Among our podcast listeners, 22% say they find out about new shows to watch or new streaming services to subscribe to through podcasts. And the factors they find most enticing are genre, recommendations, casting, and the option to binge.

TLDW: Stop the unending subscription churn with consistent ad messages. Podcasts are a key discovery channel for shows and video streaming services. And brands can entice podcast listeners by focusing on the factors that drive engagement and targeting audiences based on genre.

Streaming TV Campaigns Win Over Podcast Listeners

Now we’re at the most compelling part of the story—you won’t want to fast forward or skip this. Streaming video services have found success with podcast advertising campaigns, boosting brand metrics across the funnel. 

Influence Current and Future Subscribers

A recent SXM Media cross-platform campaign drove lifts in brand favorability, familiarity, intent, message association, and message breakthrough for an entertainment advertiser. The campaign combined streaming’s premium targeting capabilities with the scale of true crime podcasts on the SiriusXM Podcast Network to extend reach and amplify brand messaging. 

The results were strong for both current and potential subscribers, with a clear influence on intent. 

  • Lifts for Current Subscribers

    •  +6pts in Familiarity among current subscribers 

    • +3pts in Online Ad Awareness among current subscribers 

    • +3pts in Brand Favorability among current subscribers

    • +5pts in Message Breakthrough among current subscribers

  • Lifts for Non-Subscribers

    •  +14pts in Brand Favorability among non-subscribers 

    • +13pts in Intent among non-subscribers 

    • +5pts in Message Association among non-subscribers

Drive Awareness and Intent

A recent SXM Media podcast campaign drove full-funnel, double-digit significant lifts for a streaming video service advertiser. This campaign leveraged audience targeting and host-read ads, focusing on comedy and entertainment podcast listeners. And high-impact creative messaging featured brand benefit endorsement and multiple brand mentions to increase awareness and drive intent.

The results exceeded benchmarks across the funnel.

  • +13pts in Familiarity (exceeding Nielsen norms by +9ps)

  • +15pts in Affinity (exceeding Nielsen norms by +9pts)

  • +12 pts in Intent to Seek More Information (exceeding Nielsen norms by +5pts)

  • +16 pts in Purchase Intent (exceeding Nielsen norms by +10pts)

  • +15 pts in Recommendation Intent (exceeding Nielsen norms by +9pts)

Podcast Advertising for Video Streaming Brands

We understand podcast audiences, and we have the targeting options to help brands reach them—not to mention all of the amazing SiriusXM Podcast Network content they can’t get enough of. When our listeners aren’t tuning in to podcasts, they’re ready to indulge in streaming TV. If you’re ready to be top of mind as they settle in to watch, let’s talk


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