Instruments of Change: An Interview with The String Queens

Oct 1, 2020
Instruments of Change: An Interview with The String Queens

Welcome to a special episode of our SoundCheck series. We’re talking to Black artists across music genres, to hear how they’ve navigated the industry, and what brands can do better.

Meet Élise Sharp, Kendall Isadore, and Dawn Johnson, A.K.A. The String Queens. These three Black women form a renowned and respected musical trio, that's changing the face of the classical music industry. Together, they write, record, and perform music, adding a fresh spin to a traditional genre, and challenging stereotypes along the way.

Not only are The String Queens leaders in concert halls, they also mentor younger generations as teachers. They guide students to their full potential, demonstrating excellence, hard work, and triumph. Given their experiences facing racism in the music world, The String Queens are dedicated to promoting diversity. They're also intentional about collaborating with brands and other professionals, noting, "What is your vision? What is your purpose? Does that align to ours?"

Listen to their full conversation with J1, Director of Hip Hop, to hear more on:

  • The serendipitous story of how the group began

  • Our shared responsibility to pursue justice

  • Using instruments as a voice

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