January Podcast Roundup: Back to Business

Devon Geelan, Manager, Sales Marketing, SiriusXM MediaJan 2, 2024

January is here. And with a fresh slate ahead of us, audiences are flocking to business podcasts to help them tackle their career and financial goals. Listeners of this genre are more likely to be ambitious, high-earning professionals with disposable income. They tune into podcasts to better themselves and are heavily drawn towards products and services that enhance their lives.

So whether you’re kicking off the year planning your advertising buys or just looking for some business advice yourself, consider these stand-out podcasts!

Money Girl Trailer

Optimize your personal finances

Looking to get more bang for your buck in 2024? “Money Girl” provides short, friendly tips around personal finance, real estate, and investing to help you live a richer life. Whether you're just starting out or are already a savvy investor, Money Girl's advice will point you in the right direction. Hosted by Laura Adams, a money expert and an award-winning author named one of Empower’s “Top 50 Women in Personal Finance.” This genre is the perfect place to reach individuals with a high propensity to spend, as 27% of business podcast listeners earn over $200K annually. 

The 100 MBA Show Trailer

Daily 10-minute business lessons

The $100 MBA Show helps listeners get better at business with daily 10 minute lessons for the real world. These no-fluff episodes are packed with business-building training from top industry experts. No backstories, just solid lessons from the best in the game. Episodes cover topics like how much you should spend on professional development, how to use OpenAi to help your business, and how to overcome obstacles in general. The show draws in a 45% multicultural audience, which is highly diverse compared to the overall business podcast audience. What’s more, nearly half of these listeners identify as entrepreneurs. 

School of Greatness Trailer

Strive for greatness with inspirational guests

Through in-depth conversations with world-renowned leaders in business, health, mindset, and relationships, entrepreneur Lewis Howes has created the ultimate self-development podcast. The School of Greatness is home to an audience of industrious go-getters who crave uplifting and meaningful content. In fact, more than one in four have a household income of over $100K. And with encouraging words from influential figures like Wayne Brady, Priyanka Chopra, Mel Robbins, Matthew McConaughey, and more, it’s no wonder millions of self-motivated women are tuning in every week! 

Fast Money Trailer

Get the latest stock market news

Hosted by Melissa Lee and a roundtable of top traders, CNBC’s Fast Money breaks through the noise of the day, to deliver the actionable news that matters most to investors. Whether it’s the latest in tech stocks, the status of the S&P, or the down low on the Dow, Fast Money has it covered. Our exclusive partnership with NBC provides a variety of business podcasts focused on finance trends and business news to help you reach an affluent, highly-educated audience of Gen X listeners.

The James Altucher Show

Exclusive interviews with billionaires, entrepreneurs and more

You won't hear these stories anywhere else—not like this. The James Altucher Show invites you into exclusive interviews with successful entrepreneurs, billionaires, bestselling authors, astronauts, rappers, writers, and researchers. The audience is made up of 72% male listeners, and one in three earn more than $150K per year. James unravels your favorite “superhero" success stories, prompting highly successful people to answer questions like, “When were you at your worst?” and “How did you get better?” You’ll learn how you, too, can make a better life. One that fulfills you, makes you wealthy, and allows you to choose yourself.

Economics of Everyday Things Trailer

Dive into the economics behind everyday things

Zachary Crockett uncovers the hidden side of the everything that surrounds us–From who decides what snacks are in your offices vending machine to what makes Girl Scout Cookies a billion-dollar business? Shows from the Freakonomics network consistently draw in a highly educated audience, with 87% holding a bachelor's degree or higher. Not to mention, over half of these listeners purchase investment products such as stocks and bonds. 

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