June Podcast Roundup: United in Pride

Alexandria Caggia, Podcast Sales Marketing Specialist, SiriusXM MediaJun 3, 2024

This month, in honor of PRIDE, we’re excited to amplify SiriusXM Media’s vibrant LGBTQ+ storytellers. Unlike traditional media where queer communities are sparsely represented, podcasts offer an avenue for meaningful, thought-provoking discussions from people of every gender and sexual identity. No wonder LGBTQ+ listeners say that podcasts are 9.3X more likely to grant them access to diverse creators and storytellers than TV. Take a look at our well-rounded slate of eclectic personalities who, in the words of RuPaul, serve charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent!

No Shade, All Tea

Keep It! - Trailer

Wherever pop culture and politics collide, Ira Madison III and Louis Virtel are on the scene to spill the tea from their own unique perspectives. Whether it’s a hot take on the Kendrick vs Drake debacle, being gagged over Sabrina Carpenter’s hit song “Espresso” or chatting about Jojo Siwa’s alleged invention of “gay pop”, these two aren't afraid to speak their minds. Every week on Keep It!, our “Princes of Pop Culture” are accompanied by a smorgasbord of celebrities like Danielle Brooks, Andy Cohen and Jinkx Monsoon to get the inside scoop on Hollywood’s biggest stars, blockbuster hits, grammy-nominated music albums and more. Since the show’s inception, Keep It! has cultivated a high-spirited, passionate audience and bagged two Webby Awards for best Arts & Culture and best Television & Film podcast. 

The Not-So-Hidden History of NYC

The Bowery Boys - Trailer

Travel through the depths of time and into a treasure trove of culture and community with The Bowery Boys. In each episode, hosts Greg Young and Tom Meyers rummage through centuries of tales about the city that never sleeps: New York, New York! From the huddled masses on Ellis Island to the scuzzy theaters of 1970s Times Square, the dynamic duo calls attention to the forces behind the city’s overarching magnificence. Over its seventeen year run, this beloved history podcast has become home to a highly engaged audience of affluent New York residents (50%) with a strong affinity for travel (73%) and literature (83%). 

Sips n’ Scares

And That's Why We Drink - Trailer

Witness the epic fusion of comedy, the paranormal, and true crime on the chart-topping podcast, And That’s Why We Drink! Leading with humor and heart, Em Schulz & Christine Schiefer share whatever supernatural phenomenon or cold case they've been obsessing over that week. With a strong presence on social media (202K+ Instagram followers), the hosts strive to maintain an active relationship with their audience, seeking out story recommendations from the listeners firsthand. This has surely earned them some extra points with their young and diverse fans, since 1 in 2 LGBTQ+ listeners A18-34 say they enjoy listening to or watching podcast episodes where the hosts incorporate listener stories and feedback (122 index). 

Three Peas in a Pod(cast)

The Friend Zone - Trailer

Hang out with a group of friends that’ll enrich your life, uplift your spirits and encourage you to be the best version of yourself on The Friend Zone. IRL besties Fran, Assanté and Dustin have created a deeply engaging show with one sole purpose: to disrupt the status quo. And every Wednesday, the trio does so by delivering thoughtful conversations around mental health and random takes on sizzling hot topics. As such, the show has become a source of connection and companionship for queer and multicultural listeners, 45% of whom say they seek out podcasts with hosts who seem like they’d be their friends in real life (125 index).

Keepin’ it PG

Inspired by his best-selling book, Andy Cohen’s Daddy Diaries is a candid and hilarious show centered around the highs and lows of parenting. From bottle service to baby bottles, listeners will hear as-it-happened recounts of Andy’s life as a daddy of two kids, dozens of Housewives, and the occasional fella. Stories of glamorous late-night antics are replaced by early morning tantrums, drama at the play-ground, and the musings of a single dad trying to navigate it all. The LGBTQ+ community values the transparency and authenticity of their favorite podcast host (74%) and seem to naturally gravitate toward Andy’s raw honesty on the hardships of parenthood (plus the occasional sprinkling of juicy gossip). 

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