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Leveraging the Mood Score

Nov 21, 2019
Leveraging the Mood Score

Episode Chapters

2:45 - What is the Mood Score and how can it help advertisers? 4:24 - How well does the Mood Score actually work? 7:11 - How did Propel leverage moods in their Training Boost execution and what were their key learnings? 12:45 - How was Propel able to triple the number of subscribers using moods?


We know listeners are often looking to match their mood when they turn on music, but do we know what that mood is? Thanks to Pandora’s Mood Score, the answer is now yes. We understand the emotions associated with every song on our platform, which for marketers is huge, considering 58% of consumers say a brand is their favorite for emotional reasons.1 Tune in to find out how the Listener Science team created the Mood Score via machine learning and proprietary listener data, and what that means for marketers. Laura Barnett, Senior Director, Propel Water & Active Fitness Platform, also joins the discussion to talk about how Propel used a mindset-driven audio destination to reach audiences in real, authentic ways, resulting in a tripling of their subscribers.

For an even deeper dive on the Mood Score, check out our article on the Insights Lab! 

1. Deloitte Digital’s “Exploring the Value of Emotion-Driven Engagement” 2019 research study

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