“Lift as you climb,” Chelsea Jenkins from Kellanova

May 9, 2024

Meet Chelsea Jenkins, Senior Director, Cultural and Inclusive Marketing at Kellenova, where she uses her thought leadership, influence, and expertise to advance corporate culture and goals in all areas of DE&I and ESG initiatives. Her efforts have directly contributed to Kellanova’s recognition from the Hispanic Marketing Council, The Association of National Advertisers, and Adweek as an exemplary company in the areas of cultural marketing, DE&I, and ESG. 

Chelsea was named in the Career Mastered Magazine Diversity Top 50 and on Diversity Woman Magazine’s Power 100 list, and she was named as The Chicago Advertising Federation’s 2023 Rising Star. In addition to the impactful work she does at Kellanova, she serves on the executive board of Beat the Streets and Collaboration in Chicago. Chelsea lives by the mantra “for the highest good of all” and strives to incorporate those beliefs within her work and personal life.

In her Pass The Mic session, Chelsea sat down with Deirdre Locksley, Associate Director, Content Marketing, where she shared anecdotes about her career, encouraged us to lift others on the climb to the top, and taught us to find power in our voices. Listen to the full interview below, then check out some highlights with our favorite takeaways below. 

Pass The Mic with Chelsea Jenkins - Full Interview

You have others who are supporting you, and by being there, you can lift as you climb and there’s going to be many that can come behind you.

Chelsea JenkinsSenior Director, Cultural and Inclusive Marketing, Kellanova

Show up in your power. 

Show up in your power, Chelsea Jenkins - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “Just know that you might feel like you're alone in those moments, but you're not, you are absolutely not. You have others who are supporting you, and by being there, you can lift as you climb. And there's going to be many that can come behind you…

I can show up fully as myself, and that will empower others to do the same. You didn't hear my question? I'll repeat it again. I will take up space. I will show up in my power, and we will continue to move this forward… Take up your space, show up in your power, and you'll be better for it.” - Chelsea Jenkins

Speak up for yourself and what you want. 

Speak up for yourself and what you want, Chelsea Jenkins - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “When you identify your truth and purpose, you must relentlessly go after that, continue to trust yourself, and tap into that courage that we all innately have to speak up for yourself and what you want. Communicate what you want… That's when things change. That's when things happen. So, you have to speak that truth to life.”   - Chelsea Jenkins

Don’t take things personally. 

Don't take things personally, Chelsea Jenkins - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “It's really easy to take things happening around you or to you personally, but 99% of the time they have nothing to do with you. We're all constantly projecting our own beliefs and thoughts and experiences onto others. So again, if you're operating in a way that's true to yourself; you can stand by that.” - Chelsea Jenkins

Find power in your voice. 

Find Power in Your Voice, Chelsea Jenkins - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “We go into this climate of heavy discussions around ED&I, and what I've learned in my role, and what many may be listening to this might experience of in some cases, you might be the only one, you might be in a room where you're the only one, and you're speaking one on behalf of many and the weight that that sometimes carries. But there is power in that, in using your voice when you do have those opportunities and that influence to again, bring others along, knowing that it's not easy.” - Chelsea Jenkins

Identify your advocates. 

Identify your advocates, Chelsea Jenkins - Pass The Mic

Highlight: “As I talk about my journey, there's no question I would not be where I'm at today if it wasn't for mentors, coaches, sponsors, advocates that took time with me but also used their voice, their influence, their power in rooms that I was not in and was willing to say my name in rooms that I was not in. So many people come to mind along this journey, and I think that speaks to the importance of those that are coming up in your career, identifying who those people are, who are going to be the mentors that you can go to for advice.” - Chelsea Jenkins

We're keeping future generations in mind, showing up in our power, and using our voices loud and proud like Chelsea. For more inspiration from badass female leaders check out our Pass The Mic page

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