Listen to Learn: Podcast Opportunities for Education Brands

Aug 30, 2023

You know how the old saying goes: You learn something new every day. And when it comes to our listeners, that couldn’t ring more true, with 95% saying it’s important to continue learning things throughout life.1 And these days, many of the knowledge-hungry masses are turning to podcasts to keep them informed. With 109M podcast listeners in the U.S.,2 the opportunity to reach audiences when they’re in learning mode is massive. And with the SiriusXM Podcast Network, advertisers can reach three in five of these listeners.3

Leaned In and Learning

Brains on podcasts are different. While music is there to enhance moments and elevate moods, podcasts do that and provide knowledge. Subject matter experts are taking to the mic to tell stories, teach lessons, and sate curious minds. And listeners are loving the content. Whether it’s StarTalk with America's favorite astrophysicist (Neil deGrasse Tyson, natch) or self-improvement with The Mel Robbins Podcast, podcasts are here to fill a wide variety of voids. And with 50% of listeners tuning in to learn something new, the tie between podcasts and education is strong.4

Into Their Studies

Podcast listeners are into learning. Newer audiences are 25% more likely to have attended some college, have an associate’s degree, or hold a high school diploma. And seasoned audiences who have been listening for six years or more are 26% more likely to hold a college degree.5 Higher and continuing education isn’t in the podcast listener’s rearview by any means. Over 80% of listeners are enrolled in some kind of online education course, and nearly 70% of future higher education students listen to podcasts.6

Eager to Learn More

Smart and getting smarter, podcast listeners are looking to strengthen their minds and get more out of life. That’s why they’re significantly more likely to consider going back to school in the near future or attend continuing education classes.7

The Perfect Medium for Education Enthusiasts

From their leaned-in mindset to their passion for knowledge, podcast listeners love to learn—and many of them are in the market for more education. With 63M listeners across our network,3 we can help you reach these brainiacs when they’re in the mood to know more.

We have the knowledge and know-how to make your next education campaign a success. Let’s talk.


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