March Podcast Roundup: Women Behind the Mic

Alexandria Caggia, Specialist, Sales Marketing Podcasts, SiriusXM MediaMar 6, 2024

Last year, we saw women join together in celebration like never before. From the viral success of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie to the droves of women who attended the Eras and Renaissance tours, female-focused artists and stories captured audiences everywhere—and podcast listeners are no exception. 

According to our Women’s Podcast Report, conducted in partnership with Edison Research, ninety percent of monthly female podcast listeners say they listen to at least one podcast hosted or produced by a woman. We support a wide range of female storytellers who challenge the status quo, cultivate community, and empower the next generation of thought-leaders. 

Here are some of our favorite women-led podcasts.

Beyond the Glitz and Glam

Get ready for the ultimate smackdown of realness with former WWE Diva Champions Nikki and Brie Garcia. Each week, these powerhouse twins put it all out there, giving fans an intimate look at life beyond the ring and getting candid about everything from parenting and side hustles to self-care and relationships. Thanks to Nikki and Brie’s magnetic on-the-mic chemistry and unapologetic energy, The Nikki & Brie Show has become a sanctuary for young moms to discover their inner warrior. Just take a look at these five-star reviews: “The show is not only hilarious, but so empowering!” and “You ladies are the reason I started listening to podcasts.”

Hysteria Trailer

Dismantle Political Barriers

Crooked’s Hysteria offers insightful news commentary and pop culture chatter through a feminist lens. Comedy writer Erin Ryan and former White House Deputy Chief of Staff Alyssa Mastromonaco have masterfully curated a space where humor and politics intertwine. Every week, they’re joined by a bicoastal squad of strong-minded women who engage in hilarious, thought-provoking discourse. Whether it’s reproductive rights, book bans, rom-coms, or Taylor Swift, no topic goes uncovered. Full of tech-savvy, accomplished career women, Hysteria’s audience can’t get enough of Erin and Alyssa’s tongue-in-cheek banter, with one in two listening to every episode. 

Ologies Trailer

A Safe Space for Female Science Buffs

Celebrate the often-overlooked contributions of women in STEM with humorist and science correspondent Alie Ward (Netflix’s 100 Humans). Each week, listeners will explore peculiar fields of study and hear outlandish stories about what fuels these professional—ologists' obsessions. The Ologies audience primarily consists of inquisitive minds and lifelong learners, with 77% having earned a bachelor’s degree or higher. Alie’s enthusiasm for learning is so infectious, Ologies was awarded the People’s Voice Webby Award for Best Science & Education podcast. 

Bite-sized Lessons on Emotional Intelligence

Leading with empathy, Dr. Monica Johnson uncovers the ‘why’ behind the wave of emotions humans endure on a daily basis. According to the Women’s Podcast Report, nearly half of all female podcast listeners 18+ are interested in titles that include a woman's POV on self-care and mental health, and Savvy Psychologist is the perfect place to explore the mind-body connection. Through evidence-based research, these self-actualized listeners can become experts in psychology in under 15 minutes.

Infinitos con Martha Higareda Trailer

Girls Just Wanna Manifest

Each week on Infinitos, Mexican actress and producer Martha Higareda unveils the answers to her listeners’ cosmic curiosities alongside some inspiring guests. The show’s audience of spiritual Latinas walk away from every episode with a better idea of how to expand their consciousness and manifest their dreams. Fun fact: Martha is engaged to multi-media sensation Lewis Howes (host of The School of Greatness), whose content is similarly focused on captivating highly motivated audiences through powerful storytelling. It’s no wonder this podcast power couple collectively maintains over nine million followers on social media. 

Aging with Grace and Wisdom

At the age of 77, Dr. Laura Schlessinger continues her on-air legacy with Dr. Laura’s Call Of The Day. The Radio Hall of Famer offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility—and she's been doing it successfully for more than 45 years. Dr. Laura knows how to keep it real and doesn’t tip-toe around the hard-hitting questions. This talk-show-turned-podcast is structured around participatory segments where she engages with fans in real-time. Her tough love approach to real-world problems coupled with her sympathetic ear is the reason she remains at the top of the charts, drawing in millions of listeners weekly. Dr. Laura’s Call Of The Day is perfect for advertisers looking to reach affluent families, as nearly one in three have a household income over $150k.

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