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Quality Matters: Pandora’s First-Party Audience Data Becomes Certified by IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Compliance Program

Alyssa HowlandNov 4, 2020

At Pandora, we believe that quality matters, which is why we’ve chosen to participate in IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Compliance efforts. As of October 2020, Pandora is officially certified by the IAB Tech Lab for all of our first-party audience data! Pandora is the first publisher & fifth company to achieve this certification.

The IAB Tech Lab launched the Data Transparency initiative in order to bring transparency standards to the industry, which help marketers better understand the composition of audience segments they purchase. To earn the certification, Pandora’s systems, tools and processes were evaluated by an independent auditor that works to evaluate and confirm IAB Tech Lab’s requirements. Having this stamp of approval from the IAB Tech Lab proves what we’ve known all along- Pandora has quality first party audience data that can be trusted by buyers.

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The industry has put an increased focus on quality first-party data in recent times, and we only expect this to become more important in the near future. Pandora has a rich collection of first-party declared, observed and inferred audience data for advertisers to activate on which is attributed to our 100% logged-in user base. We’re able to understand:

  • Who our listeners are (age, gender)
  • Where they listen (geo)
  • What they’re listening to (genre, artists)
  • When they’re listening to it (daypart)
  • How they’re listening to it (technographic, content language)
  • How long their listening
  • What they’re doing while they listen (activity)

This immense data allows us to create proprietary segments of like-minded audiences that share a certain lifestyle or interests. For example, we’re able to identify our listeners who are parents based upon past listening behavior. Additionally, we’re able to tell when our listeners are doing certain activities (i.e. cooking or working out) in order to serve them a contextually relevant message when they’re in that mindset.

Compliant companies will continue to be added by the IAB here under the “Data Transparency Compliance” section, which is also where you can view Pandora’s certificate.

Ready to take advantage of our quality first-party data? Reach out to your sales representative today, or contact us here for more information.

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