Pass the (Mini) Mic Interview Series with Ellen Goodman & Lynn Sherr

Nov 3, 2020

Welcome to a special Election edition of Pandora Presents: Pass the (Mini) Mic Interview Series, focused on females in politics who are changing the numbers game and passing the mic to the next generation—all under 5 minutes.

Co-Hosted by two incredible women, Ellen Goodman and Lynn Sherr, the She Votes! Podcast highlights the centennial anniversary of women's suffrage. The right to vote, granted in 1920, inspired columnist and journalist Ellen Goodman, and her friend of 50 years, broadcast journalist Lynn Sheer to tell the story of suffrage. Told over eight episodes, in narrative form, She Votes was an opportunity to educate younger generations on the history of women’s voting rights while also highlighting the importance of female voters in the 2020 General Election.

Both Ellen Goodman and Lynn Sherr are highly acclaimed within their respective fields. Ellen Goodman is a Pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the Boston Globe and Washington Post Writers Group. She is the author of seven books and founder of The Conversation Project. Lynn Sherr is an emmy award-winning, longtime correspondent with ABC News. And, is the author of 10 books including Failure is Impossible: Susan B. Anthony in Her Own Words, and a new play, “The United States of America vs. Susan B. Anthony.”

Check out their mini mic to learn more about:

  • The inspiration behind She Votes!
  • What the podcast has taught both the hosts and younger generations about suffrage
  • The exciting journey of transitioning from traditional journalism avenues into podcasting

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