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Jun 7, 2024

If you want your ad to inspire action, you need it to be in an authentic environment. And nothing beats podcasts—listeners find hosts to be up to 23x more authentic and trustworthy than traditional media channels. That authenticity makes them eager to act, both in the world and with the brands supporting the voices they trust.

Crooked Media has cornered the market on this type of actionable authenticity. They’ve cultivated an ultra-loyal fan base and inspired listeners to get out there and act—both in the world and with the brands they partner with. And in our latest Hear it From the Host webinar, they explained exactly how they did it.

Sophie Anderson, Associate Director, Podcast Sales Marketing, sat down with Lucinda Treat, CEO, Crooked Media, and Dan Pfeiffer, Co-host, Pod Save America, to talk about:

  • Why listeners are moving away from traditional media channels and toward podcasts

  • How this eager-to-engage audience is interacting with brands

  • What the Crooked Media team has done to inspire action with their listeners and facilitate real-world change

  • What they think makes listeners want to act on an ad—and what makes hosts want to work with the brand

Ready to dive in and hear what they had to say? Check out the full recording below.

Hear it From the Host: Crooked Media

Watch the webinar recording now.

If you’re looking for more of a “quick hits” experience, we’ve got that, too. Take a listen to some of the key moments from our conversation below.

People are looking for trusted sources of conversation.

People are looking for trusted sources of conversation - Lucinda Treat

Highlight: “When Jon, Jon, and Tommy founded Crooked… they felt like there was an opportunity in the way discourse was happening around news and politics and that people weren't really getting served what they needed—and what they needed was a conversation that was grounded in fact and truth, but also gave them agency in the world. I think since they founded it in 2017, the need for that has just only grown significantly… People are looking for trusted sources of conversation that help them orient the information [they’re receiving] and connect it to what they believe and what they can do about what they're hearing.” - Lucinda Treat

People trust podcasters.

People trust podcasters - Dan Pfeiffer

Highlight: “Trust in the media is at an all-time low. We've been living in an era of declining trust in institutions, and there is plenty of research that shows that people's trust in a piece of information has everything to do with the person who delivers the information, whether that is the podcaster or the person who simply shares on social media, rather than the outlet it came from. So if I hear a piece of information from someone I trust, then I am more likely to believe that if I then if I hear it from a notably trustworthy institution like CNN or the Wall Street Journal or something like that. And because podcasters spend, at times, an hour, a couple of times a week, in people's ears, there is a relationship of trust.” - Dan Pfeiffer

Be proud and proactive in your stance as a brand.

Be proud and proactive in your stance as a brand - Dan Pfeiffer

Highlight: "In this media world that we live in, identity is the most important thing. And so to be able to break through as a podcast, media brand, or brand trying to find consumers, you have to connect with people on some level of their identity. And I think the best way for brands to do that is to be on offense, not on defense, and to lead with what their values are. Do it proudly, do it proactively, and you will find consumers who are looking for that. If you try to be something for everyone, you're going to connect with no one." - Dan Pfeiffer

Authenticity is what resonates.

Authenticity is what resonates - Lucinda Treat

Highlight: "For our audience, and most consumers at this point, if they smell a whiff of inauthenticity, they are done right. They are increasingly savvy consumers who know their own values and what they're being sold… So I think for brands, it's really about understanding that consumers are going to get when they're trying to be too cute or walk a line that is a tightrope between fear of getting canceled or backlash and appealing to these core values. It is a really tricky dance for brands. And what we see is the brands that really connect and sell through to our audiences are the ones who just are honest about their values and what they are… That resonates, even if those values don't resonate or align completely [with the consumer]. It's the authenticity that really resonates with the audience." - Lucinda Treat

Give the listeners credit.

Give the listeners credit - Sophie Anderson

Highlight: "I think oftentimes brands can get a bit hyper-focused on trying to find the exact show that perfectly mirrors their identity. And I think in doing that, they run the risk of, sacrificing scale. And there's a lot of scale in casting a wide net and testing in a variety of shows and different content types, and giving the listeners the credit that they understand that the ad is essential to help you all continue to do what you do for free. And a lot of them say that it's a fair price to pay—we have a lot of great data around that." - Sophie Anderson

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