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Privacy-Friendly Targeting Options for a Cookie-Free Future

Maria Breza, VP, Ad Quality Measurement & Audience Data OperationsApr 12, 2024

The end of third-party cookies and the continuous decline of MAIDs doesn’t have to mean a data diet for digital advertisers. Data-driven targeting and measurement aren’t going anywhere—they’re evolving. And consumers are here for it. These shifts are a direct result of users becoming savvier and more discerning when it comes to their identifying information as well as federal and state laws giving them more control of who has it, how it’s used, and why.

Show Some Respect

First-party data is gold, and it should be treated as such. That means, being transparent with consumers and respecting their choices. You need valid reasons to request information (like an email address to set up an account), and then offer easy ways to opt out of communication and sharing. This is how brands can develop their own data sets for future targeting and measurement strategies. 

That said, having identity, first-party data, and consent for every user isn’t a long-term strategy. And as digital advertising adapts, brands will need to partner with media companies that show equal respect for their users.

Let’s get into how to reach your audiences without the ick-factor of too many cookies and not enough consent.

What to Do Now

Now is the time for advertisers to future-proof their strategies by testing new targeting and measurement approaches alongside tried-and-true tactics. Media partners and measurement providers are already introducing new offerings. Use this time to compare methodologies and find the right solutions to meet your needs and help you achieve your campaign goals.

What to Do Next

In the face of shrinking data sets, media mix modeling and multi-touch attribution solutions that use representative sample data are trending. The edge digital advertising offers are larger samples and more in-depth levels of subset user information. And when it comes to targeting, media partners (ahem, like us) are introducing new solutions all the time, so get out there and test and observe to see what methods perform well for you. 

Get in Tune with Digital Audio

At SiriusXM Media, we’re ahead of the curve. We’ve never relied exclusively on cookies or MAIDs as audience identifiers. Yet, we consistently offer advertisers trusted, reliable targeting and measurement solutions. So, here are some cues you can take from us.

First-Party Data 

Recently, we launched new first-party and contextual audience solutions for streaming audio. We take two lists of identifiers from consented users, look for overlap, and build seed audiences. Then our data scientists dig into the first-party audience data (like the devices they use, when they use them, and what they use them for). Next, we scale out to much larger audiences using probabilistic methodologies. And we leverage our proprietary Soundboard panel to test these audiences and ensure a reasonable level of accuracy.

Mood-Based Targeting

Pandora was built on discovery, and our music genome project helps audiences find the music they know and new, soon-to-be favorites. The same music analysts that fuel discovery for audiences evaluate song elements to associate them with dominant moods. The result for advertisers is a mood targeting solution that allows brands to align ad messages to content for a better ad experience for audiences—and more effective campaigns.

Activity-Based Targeting

Humans are creatures of habit, and based on who they are, where they are in their routine, and time of day or year, what they are doing as they listen to music can vary greatly. With activity targeting on Pandora, brands can have a better idea of tasks and events their consumers are taking part in and create relevant, timely messages that are more likely to resonate.

Contextual Transcription Targeting

Go deeper than show, network, or category targeting with your next podcast advertising campaign. Contextual transcription targeting allows brands to reach audiences at the episode-level based on niche topics.

Predictive Audiences

Through our relationship with Comscore, we offer its targeting tool for podcasts. Predictive Audience Targeting allows brands to reach over 300 audiences based on behaviors, life stage, habits, and more—without relying on traditional identifiers like cookies. 

Reach Target Audiences with Digital Audio

We’re not new to privacy-forward targeting and measurement solutions that also happen to be data-rich and highly effective—they're in our DNA. And we’ll continue to evolve our solutions and strategies to better serve both listeners and advertisers.

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