September Podcast RoundUp: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage

Devon Geelan; Manager, Sales MarketingSep 15, 2023

Welcome to our September Podcast Roundup—our monthly check-in on hot opportunities for advertisers. 

This month, we’re celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, which recognizes the vast contributions and undeniable influence of Hispanic Americans on history and culture. 

We’re excited to highlight shows by reVolver and Pitaya, two of the leading Hispanic podcast networks reaching over 5 million listeners each month. The networks are created by and for Latinos, hosted by some of the biggest influencers and recorded in Spanish, English, or Spanglish to promote diverse Latino voices. Nielsen Scarborough’s most recent Podcasting Today report shows the growth in monthly podcast consumption has been particularly significant among Hispanic audiences, with a 95% increase1. Whether listeners are seeking a fun take on the latest news, a chat-cast with TV & Film stars, or a dive into the supernatural, you don’t have to look much further to find compelling content for every kind of listener. 

Eranzo Y La Chokolata Trailer

Jokes, parodies and hilarious commentary

Starting off with the largest podcast in the reVolver slate, Erazno Y La Chokolata reaches 2 million listeners each month. Over the years, and through thousands of episodes, Erazno has become one of the most beloved Spanish-language hosts in the U.S. A parody-based comedy program that entertains audiences with bold humor, outlandish stunts, and signature "nacadas.” Oswaldo Diaz is the voice behind three very different personalities: Erazno, a modern-day Dennis the Menace obsessed with soccer, Chokolata, diva extraordinaire and real “boss” of the show, and El Doggy, outspoken bachelor. The three battle to always be right and more importantly, have the last word. According to our Edison’s Latino Podcast Listener report, Comedy is the #1 genre for Hispanic listeners2 - You’ll find many of our picks this month reflect that.

De Todo Un Mucho Trailer

Dive into culture with TV & Film stars 

Our next pick is a Pitaya podcast, hosted by Martha Higareda and Yordi Rosado. Martha is a beloved Mexican film actress, producer, and screenwriter living in the United States. Yordi is a fan favorite television host living in Mexico. Each episode showcases their unique cultures and differing ideas. Topics range from finding meaning in your life and bucket list trips to paranormal stories and celebrity interviews. Fans love that the podcast is always full of surprises and laughs. Can’t get enough of these hosts? Both Martha and Yordi host solo podcasts as well called Infinitos con Martha Higareda and La Entrevista con Yordi Rosado. 

Hear the latest news buzzing with energy

Known to millions as “Piolín” (Tweety Bird), Eduardo Sotelo is Spanish language radio’s most recognizable star and host of the buzz-generating, nationally syndicated morning show. The show covers the news and affairs of the day, providing family-friendly content, jokes, and lots of energy. Sotelo also takes time in each episode to highlight members of his audience, the majority of whom have immigrated to the U.S. from Latin America.

Uncover mysteries among us

Our next pick will connect you to your spiritual side. In “Código Misterio” (Mystery Code) episodes range from energies, healings, and meditation, to UFOs, pyramids, and inexplicable mysteries. They promise to take listeners back to the knowledge of their ancestors to live a simpler but fuller life. Hispanic women over index for listening to Religion & Spirituality podcasts (122 index)3.

Exclusive interviews with Latinx celebrities

Host of Mexico’s #1 radio show, best-selling author, and YouTube sensation, Yordi Rosado presents a series of exclusive interviews with the hottest celebrities in the Latin world! Due to his humble nature and radiant personality, Rosado has become a global media phenomenon reaching more than 11M viewers around the world each week. La Entrevista is fun, controversial, emotional, and, above all, very addictive. Think Jimmy Kimmel meets Oprah!

Don Cheto Al Aire Trailer

Make your morning fun

Our last pick for the month is Don Cheto, a 65-year-old character with life experiences in both Mexico and the United States. His vibrant personality has captivated young and mature audiences for years. And now, on his reVolver podcast, Don Cheto and his side-kicks Gisselle Bravo, El Chino, and Said make mornings fun with interesting anecdotes, unique humor and a distinct outlook on life. The hosts even incorporate rural Michoacán phrases into this Spanish-language show.

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2. Edison Research, Latino Podcast Listener Report, June 2022

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