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Sports Audio: A Game-Winning Strategy For Advertisers

Jun 12, 2024

From the roar of the crowd to the rumbling in the stands, the sounds of game day stir up a lot of emotions for sports fans. Sports bring people together, create excitement, and help fans satisfy their thirst for connection and community—and with audio, brands can get in on all the passion and loyalty they inspire.

Listening to sports audio allows fans to feel connected to teams, players, experts, and other fans who keep those emotions alive past game day. A total of 66% of Americans consider themselves sports fans, equating to 186M Americans. And 64% of sports fans say they frequently or occasionally listen to sports content. No matter if they’re die-hard fans or casual watchers, sports have impacted most American’s lives. 

Anywhere, Anytime Access Builds the Connection

Being a sports fan has evolved into so much more than attending a game or watching on TV. Sports audio allows listeners to access sports content whenever they want, and they get way more than a few minutes of content. Listeners tune into sports podcasts, SiriusXM talk shows, and more to stay connected to the sports world, like the 86% of sports listeners who listen to sports audio to stay connected to their team or sport. And after they listen, they discuss what they heard with friends and family. Advertisers looking to reach this connected audience can play a crucial role in their listening experience.

Bring on the Passion 

To show support for their favorite teams, fans invest in merch and memorabilia and rep their favorites alongside other fans. Sports audio listeners are big spenders, spending an average of $262 on sports merch/memorabilia in a year ($321 for sports podcast listeners), compared to just $185 for sports video viewers.  

The bigger the fan, the more invested they are in sports merch or memorabilia. When brands invest in sports audio, they’re tapping into a passionate fan base who are ready and willing to support their favorite teams.

Super Fans Are All-In 

Sports and audio take fans on a dynamic journey with content that speaks to them and connects them to their communities. We’ve seen podcasts grow 88% and SiriusXM grow 10% since 2015. Compared to sports video viewers, the composition of sports audio listeners on SiriusXM and through podcasts skews more towards super fans. And those listening to sports content on SiriusXM or podcasts are more likely to be employed, educated, and affluent than sports AM/FM radio listeners and sports video viewers. Passionate fans looking to engage with sports content beyond the field rely heavily on audio, making it a white-hot space for advertisers to zero in on this audience. 

Get in on the Fun and Games

Fantasy leagues are more than a game, they create community for sports fans. Audio plays a huge role in the fun, and 65% of listeners say sports audio is a must-have tool for playing fantasy sports. One in four sports fans 18+ have participated in any fantasy sports in the last year, with sports podcast listeners and SiriusXM sports listeners over-indexing. And three in four fantasy sports players say they listen to more audio content because of fantasy sports, meaning messaging across our platforms lets brands meet passionate, highly invested fans.

Fantasy sports aren’t the only way fans connect with their peers; sports betting allows fans to raise the stakes. Among respondents 21+ who live in states where sports betting is legal, 61% have placed a wager through an online or in-person sportsbook. * And six in 10 say that sports audio is a must-have tool for sports betting. Brands that tap into the world of sports audio reach listeners who are enthusiastic about the game in more ways. And brand messaging plays a key role in the experience across platforms. 

Hit Home with SiriusXM Media

Sports and audio just make sense. And the thrill of sports lasts beyond the field when listeners tune in to sports audio content. Get your brand messages in the game all year-round and in the ears of passionate, affluent, educated, and invested sports fans. Let’s talk strategy.


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