Streaming + Podcasts = Winning Campaigns—Here’s the Proof

MaryKate Breslin, Senior Manager, Sales Research & InsightsMar 15, 2023

Advertisers who leverage a multi-platform approach have seen incredible success at driving brand lifts, and we have the stats to prove it.

We know what winning looks like. We have the largest addressable audience in digital audio (which means brands can reach 87%1 of our 150M listeners2 with ads). We also have the #1 podcast network for reach.3 And we have some great platforms to choose from (like Pandora, SiriusXM, Stitcher, and SoundCloud). But as we’ve been saying for a while, if you want to make your ad spend more effective and reach more audiences, it’s all about the AND.

More Digital Audio Platforms > Than One

In today’s competitive ad space, digital audio is an essential part of the media mix, reaching consumers on-demand during everyday moments. And in those moments, listeners are switching between platforms based on everything from time of day to activity to mood to preference. When brands invest in multiple digital audio platforms (say, streaming and podcasts), the campaign reach is incremental, meaning there’s minimal audience duplication.

Virtually 0% Audience Overlap = Pure Incremental Reach

What happens to your campaign reach when you combine streaming and podcasts? Short answer, really awesome things. But we actually put it to the test. We looked at campaigns with both podcast lines and non-podcast lines (e.g., Pandora), and there was virtually no audience overlap. That means every dollar spent on podcasts makes your ad go further—with a +43% median incremental reach.4

Podcasts provide incremental reach

Cross-Platform Campaigns = Measurable Lifts Across the Funnel

It’s not just about reaching more people. Campaigns that leverage a multi-platform approach have seen incredible success at driving brand lifts, and we have the stats to prove it.

Refreshing Results for a Beverage Brand

A CPG beverage advertiser partnered with us to reach gaming enthusiasts across listening environments, using creative messaging with a tie-in to a popular gaming franchise. The results speak for themselves—the advertiser saw double-digit lifts in lower funnel metrics leveraging both streaming audio and podcasts! Specifically, a +12.6pt lift in brand favorability and an +11.1pt lift in purchase intent.5

Podcasts drive lower-funnel metrics

Sweet Success for Magnum Ice Cream

The Goal: Inspire ice cream cravings through the power of audio to introduce a new product.

The Result: Millions of impressions, an event attended by thousands, and lifts in brand sentiment and purchase intent.

For Magnum Ice Cream, using a multi-platform audio campaign through streaming audio and podcasts proved to be the perfect pairing. Using a mix of immersive 3D audio spots, display ads, a live event, and host-read endorsements from trusted podcast hosts, the campaign successfully educated and enticed listeners—driving double digit lifts in brand sentiment and purchase intent. 

Ratings Rise for an Entertainment Advertiser

An entertainment client came to us to develop a campaign to grow brand favorability and drive subscription intent. We combined the premium targeting capabilities of streaming with the scale of podcasts to extend reach to their target audiences. This omni-channel audio approach delivered—the campaign drove a +14pt lift in brand favorability and a +13pt lift in intent among non-subscribers.6

Podcast ads make a big impression

Let’s Solve For Reach and Lift

As you can see, streaming and podcasts are complementary, and together they pack a powerful punch. If you need to drive efficiency, efficacy, and increase brand lift by reaching the right audiences, we have the answer—integrating a digital audio strategy on multiple platforms. 

Let’s talk advertising solutions.


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