Audio Isn't Getting the Credit It Deserves

Megan McCoyJul 28, 2020

Audio is a unique medium. It’s often consumed on-the-go, not driven by clicks, and has long-term impacts on memory. These unique qualities are what make audio so powerful and effective. But it also makes measuring success different for advertisers who are used to other forms for media. This means that for many campaigns, audio may not be getting the credit it deserves.

To better understand how the nuances of audio show up in traditional metrics of success, we ran an experiment on the ads for our Pandora Plus subscription service and compared the results to a traditional last-click attribution model. It turns out that the last-click model undervalued the true number of subscription sign-ups by 3.4x, illustrating that audio may not be properly valued in common attribution models.

Our whitepaper dives into the details of the experiment and provides actionable solutions for advertisers who are looking to create a successful measurement strategy for audio.


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