Understanding the Sonic Color Line with Jennifer Stoever

Nov 23, 2020
Understanding the Sonic Color Line with Jennifer Stoever

Exploring the wide range of voices throughout our societies poses interesting questions. The sound of someone's voice can be both a bridge and a barrier when it comes to understanding and experiencing racism. While we might think that our interpretations of sound are natural, in reality, advertising and radio have played large parts in determining our images of the “American Voice” and what is acceptable in the general market.

In this episode, we chat with Jennifer Stoever, who’s research encapsulates the intersection of audio with race. Her latest book, The Sonic Color Line: Race and the Politics of Listening, offers insight into how racism can be seen as a sonic construct.

Tune in for more on:

  • The auditory markers the impact how we hear race, power and sound

  • How sound has played a part in white supremacy and creating the “American Voice”

  • Racialized listening

  • The opportunities for advertisers to challenge these existing constructs.

To learn more about Jennifer Stoever, visit her website or Sounding Out! Blog for more on her research, writings, and course offerings.

Host: Steve Keller

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