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Welcome to Paradise: Immerse in a Tropical Getaway for Shower and Bathtime

Molly FuardOct 28, 2020

Brought to you by Pandora and Dove

It goes without saying that 2020 has been an unexpected year. Doesn’t an escape (even if virtually), to an exotic, tropical destination sound more appealing than ever?

Well, Pandora listeners are in for a treat! Dove & Pandora have partnered to launch the Tropical Moods SoundEscape , an uplifting mental refresh designed to turn listeners’ showers and baths into a private escape inspired by the vibrantly luscious and fruity scents of the Dove Mango & Almond Butter Collection. This guided experience features energizing, tropics-inspired music and sounds (birds chirping, soft rain falling, djembe drum beats) to welcome listeners into a lush island atmosphere as they begin their shower or bath, using Dove Body Wash, Dove Instant Foaming Body Wash, Dove Beauty Bar or Dove Exfoliating Body Polish. By shepherding listeners through the sights and sounds of this tropical paradise, the Tropical Moods SoundEscape inspires them to take on anything the day may bring. In addition to the SoundEscape, Dove & Pandora also created the Sunset Paradise Mixtape , a custom, complementary music station that features upbeat, energizing reggae, dancehall, hip hop, pop, and more.

Developing a Custom Experience

When Dove first approached Pandora for an idea to bring the Dove Mango & Almond Butter Collection to life, they were looking for a unique experience unlike anything Pandora had done before; and the Studio Resonate team, Pandora’s audio-first creative consultancy, was eager to take it on. This was an opportunity for this group of audio experts to expand their skills from best-in-class audio ads to innovative audio experiences that enhance listener moments. Sonic Strategy Director for Studio Resonate, Steve Keller, tells us about how the team used the “science of sound” to create this execution:

At Studio Resonate, we’re serious about the science of sound. Our research in the field of psychophysics has helped us understand how music and sound shape our perceptions of what we see, taste, smell and touch. We’ve combined sound science with sound art to craft a multi-sensory moment, driven by music, sound design, and voice, and augmented with other senses involved when using the Dove Mango & Almond Butter collection (namely touch and scent).

Steve KellerSonic Strategy Director for Studio Resonate

As Marketing Director for Dove and Dove Men+Care Amy Stepanian explains, the brand team had a hunch that audio could be a powerful tool to create an immersive experience—they just needed the right partner to execute:

We know people want and need relaxing experiences right now, which is why we started asking ourselves, how could we bring that to peoples’ homes and headphones? This was Dove’s initial seed of an idea that grew into the Tropical Moods SoundEscape, thanks to the collaboration of Pandora and the Studio Resonate team. We can’t wait to see how our consumers engage with this program that amplifies their shower experience.

Amy StepaniaMarketing Director for Dove and Dove Men+Care

For those looking to transport to an island getaway, checkout the Tropical Moods SoundEscape now, exclusively on Pandora.

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