Why Advertise with Satellite? Here are 5 Reasons.

Jul 26, 2023

Amazing audiences, incremental reach, bigger SOV, better ROAS, and solutions for every objective. Sky's the limit with satellite in your next campaign.

When it comes to quality, breadth, and talent, it’s hard to beat SiriusXM. Whether listeners want to laugh, learn, or get the latest, there’s a show, channel, big name, and big game right at their fingertips. For advertisers, that means opportunities to connect with audiences when they’re engaged with first-class content. 

That’s the quick pitch—the easy sell—but what you may not know is that there are even more compelling reasons to add satellite to your next campaign. 

1. SiriusXM Subscribers are Educated, Affluent, and Engaged

SiriusXM reaches 24% of U.S. adults. And with 83% penetration in the car, subscribers are spending over 70% of their time behind the wheel with SiriusXM, adding up to over two hours a day. The net-net: It’s a large, captive audience that’s into the content. We’re talking about an educated, affluent audience. And 65% of the in-car audience can’t be reached through AM/FM radio.

Most SiriusXM subscribers can't be reached on AM/FM radio

2. Ad Budgets Go Further When You Add Satellite 

Audio is a multifaceted medium, and so is its audience. SiriusXM subscribers, music streamers, and podcast listeners—advertisers should consider adding satellite, streaming, and podcasts to their media mix to reach all three. Looking at SiriusXM, specifically, 70% of the audience is unduplicated on Pandora and SoundCloud.  So having both streaming and satellite in a media buy offers incremental reach, ensuring your ads are reaching new and different audiences.

SiriusXM offers incremental reach over other digital audio formats

3. Advertisers Get Bigger Share of Voice

The days of long ad breaks are over—though someone should probably tell AM/FM radio that. When listeners are hit with a wall of ads, they tune out. With 50% less commercial time per hour than AM/FM, the SiriusXM environment is less cluttered for advertisers. And 41% of listeners stay on the same SiriusXM channel for 20 minutes or longer. That means there’s a better chance that our listeners will hear your ad. And when you consider that 80% of listeners say they trust the content on SiriusXM, it’s a great place for your ads to be.

SiriusXM is better for advertisers than AM/FM radio

4. SiriusXM Ads Offer Better ROAS 

This is where the money is—because everyone wants investments to pay off. Running ads on satellite and positive return on ad spend go hand in hand. There's a 77% correlation between hearing an ad on SiriusXM and making a purchase, which is 10% higher than AM/FM radio!

SiriusXM listeners are more likely to take action after hearing an ad

5. There Are Ad Solutions for Every Objective

Premium audio experiences, flexible ad solutions, direct access to talent, a team of creative experts, and in-house research and insights: We call it the SiriusXM advantage. From cross-platform spots and live reads to custom vignettes and live activations—and so much more—there’s an ad solution to fit your marketing goals and your budget. Let’s talk satellite. 


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