Why You Need Podcasts in Your Marketing Mix

Jun 29, 2022

With virtually no audience overlap, adding podcast ads to audio campaigns results in incremental reach.

We have the #1 podcast network, so it’s safe to say we’re the experts when it comes to the power of podcast advertising. But we also know you probably won’t just take our word for it. That’s why we did some digging–and we think you’ll be surprised to learn how much of a difference adding podcasts to your audio campaigns can make.

We analyzed over 500 completed campaigns with podcast and non-podcasts elements (e.g., Pandora, SiriusXM, and SoundCloud). Our goal was to determine how adding podcast ads impacts campaign reach.

Your Takeaway: With virtually no audience overlap, adding podcast ads to audio campaigns results in incremental reach.

Let’s dig into our findings (and what it means for your next campaign).

No Audience Overlap

The SXM Podcast Network has virtually no overlap with Pandora, SoundCloud, SiriusXM Digital, and Adwave Publishers. That means, there is almost zero overlap between audiences who hear podcasts ads and audiences who hear ads via other audio channels.

Your Takeaway: Adding podcasts to your audio campaign allows you to reach new and different audiences.

Pure Incremental Reach

No overlap = pure incremental reach. Every dollar spent on podcasting means incremental reach for your brand. Whether your campaign objectives are upper funnel (awareness), mid funnel (consideration), or lower funnel (conversion), adding podcast ads extends your campaign reach, increasing its potential impact.

Your Takeaway: Adding podcast ads is a pure audience play, allowing you to extend your reach with minimal duplication, increasing campaign efficiency and efficacy.

The Best Podcast Reach in the Biz

It’s worth repeating—when it comes to podcast advertising, no overlap = pure incremental reach. And if you’re really looking to extend reach, look no further than the #1 podcast network, reaching one in two podcast listeners every month.1

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