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Your Consumer Check-Up for Healthcare

Aug 8, 2023

When it comes to brand health, including digital audio in your media mix is key.

If there’s one thing that transcends generations, it’s the need for healthcare. And if there’s two things that transcend, it’s digital audio. With 192 million weekly listeners, digital audio is becoming a staple of Americans’ media and entertainment routines—and 92% of our Pandora listeners make attempts to keep themselves healthy. They’re listening as they exercise, when they’re feeling ill, and when they want to reduce stress. When matters of health are on their minds, consumers are turning to digital audio.

Healthcare consumers turn to digital audio to feel better

Tech Is Trending with the Health-Minded

Consumers are turning to smartphones and smartwatches to track their health. 

  • 56% of Gen Z and 46% of millennials track their own heart rate and sleep patterns through smartwatches

  • Over two in five American consumers have used technology to track fitness or health goals

When it comes to our own Pandora listeners, one in two are tracking health stats on their smartphones or wearable devices, and over half own a smartwatch or fitness tracker. It’s all a part of the ever-evolving tech revolution—the same phenomenon that has digital audio listening on the rise. Just as technology offers listeners some insight into their health, it’s making their favorite music, talk, and podcasts more accessible.

Build a Healthy Relationship with Consumers

Whether they’re hitting the gym, shopping for health insurance, or considering a trip to the doctor to address an ailment, our listeners are taking digital audio with them. Seems like it should be obvious, then, that including this medium in your media plan is a must—right? Not necessarily. Even as Americans are spending 31% of their media time with audio, marketers are only allocating 9% of their media budgets towards this medium.

That’s where we come in. With 87%  of our audience of 150M  listening with ads, you can rest assured your healthcare brand will make an impact.


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