5 Ways to Connect with Moms During Quarantine

Nidia Serrano, Vice President, Sales MarketingMay 5, 2020

COVID-19 is shining a well-deserved light on the heroic efforts of health care workers, first responders, and the essential workforce, but there is a group that also deserves some attention: moms.

Moms are the providers, teachers, partners, chefs, housekeepers and entertainers of quarantine life, and some do it all while working from home. We checked in on these unsung heroes just in time for Mother’s Day and learned that the greatest gift marketers could give mom during this lockdown is the gift of balance and convenience.

Moms have been bottling up a lot of anxiety since the start of quarantine. In a recent Pandora Soundboard study, 91% of moms said they were concerned about how COVID-19 could impact their future and their family’s future, particularly as they witnessed the not-so temporary shutdown of the institutions that helped keep their family afloat. Today, 40% of moms continue to work from home, all while making all the child-care and purchasing decisions in the household.

As quarantine stretches on, moms are craving the normality of the Mother's Day tradition. So what can brands do to connect with her while she’s hunkered down at home?

Celebrate her

Showing gratitude is a tried and true Mother’s Day strategy. This year, thank you messages must go the extra mile to stand out in a highly emotional advertising landscape. Teleflora, stood out by releasing the touching and very timely message: “A Mother’s Love”. Highly emotional messages have a way of capturing her attention while securing long-term loyalty.

Give her the “me time” she deserves

As the lockdown stretches out, moms are starting to carve out time to practice self-care. A good 44% consider their personal care routine a priority, and 42% actively seek ways to practice meditation. Sound is a good way to give her some much-needed balance. Music, in particular, plays a significant role in relieving her anxiety and giving her a much-needed escape from her stressful routine.

Deliver helpful content and resources

A mom’s typical day has shifted and is spent cooking, exercising, thinking up fun ideas for the family, and fixing up the house. Make her ease into her “new normal” with helpful tips and relevant content and resources.

Make her day with special offers

Mom has always been a fan of a good deal, so it’s no surprise that 70% want companies to offer sales and promotions during the current lockdown. This Mother’s Day, stand out with special offers that reward her for her continued loyalty.

Make shopping convenient for her and her family

The convenience of drive-throughs and curbside pickups are helping mom manage her hectic schedule. Make her shopping experience just as convenient by providing her with easy options for delivery and pickup. Also, don’t forget about the family—they want to make her day special too. Nordstrom understands gift wrapping could be a challenge while everyone is at home, so they’re offering gift kits to help with wrapping presents.

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