Activity Targeting Gets Your Brand Messages in on the Action

Apr 19, 2024

An activewear ad when they’re topping off a big dinner with some dessert? How about a low-tempo ad for luxury pillows at a party? There are better ad alignment options out there. With activity targeting, those activewear ads can reach listeners when they’re working out, and the luxury pillow brand can influence audiences when they’re winding down. 

Activity targeting gives you the opportunity to reach your consumers with relevant messages that are more likely to resonate.

Audience and Timing, Meet Activity Targeting

Our activity targeting is a contextual solution that allows brands to better understand the types of things listeners will be doing when their ads play, which can inform everything from audience, to timing, to messaging.

Music is a constant companion—that’s why nearly six in 10 of our listeners say it’s a companion to other daily activities. And 60% say music helps them pass the time. With activity targeting, you can reach audiences when they’re cooking, entertaining, or waking up with ads that make the right impression.

Actively Get into Alignment

Consumers are so over sharing their identifying information, and they’re actively controlling and limiting who can access it, which means brands need to consider ways to shift their digital advertising strategies. Activity targeting is a privacy-forward, data-driven solution that can enhance other targeting solutions or stand alone. Pandora music analysts curate stations that are the perfect companion to common activities like having a party or buckling down to study or work.

Now, instead of an ad for pillows playing at a party, a brand that makes role-playing games can reach guests when they’re having fun and feeling social.

Make Context Work for Your Brand

That same gaming ad could also work for our entertaining at home activity targeting option. But why stop there? Just as advertisers frequently tailor and customized ads based on everything from demographics to geographics, the same tactics work for activities. With a different ad, the game brand could target people who are studying and focusing, encouraging them to take a break. And still another ad could work for our wind down activity, promoting gaming benefits like relaxation.

Activity targeting gives you insight into what our listeners (aka your consumers) are doing, allowing your ads to meet them where they are with relevant messages.

Become a Part of the Action

You can do more with activity targeting than simply align with the types of everyday tasks and occurrences that make sense for your brand. Advertisers can also incorporate elements into their ads to make them feel like they’re part of the content. Let’s go back to that luxury pillow brand. Activity targeting for both our waking up and winding down activities makes a lot of sense. But changing the creative decisions around musical elements and sound effects, copywriting choices, and voiceover casting will help them create two different ads that fit better into each listening experience.

Moves to Make

Here are some tips from Studio Resonate (our in-house creative agency) to make your ads more effective.

  • Leverage the listening environment. Digital audio is more intimate and conversational than AM/FM radio. Find the right tone to match how your target audience will experience your ad and what they are likely to be doing when they hear it.

  • Tell a story. You know what listeners are likely doing when they tune in, so craft an immersive narrative that is in line with the target activity. And bring the story to life with complementary music and sound effects.

  • Cast the right talent. Ads with friendly, conversational voiceovers perform better, but what that ultimately sounds like depends on your brand, the audience you’re trying to reach, and the activities they may be engaged in. And don’t forget to provide clear, actionable direction for the talent.

Motivate Your Consumers with Activity Targeting

Humans aren’t just out there being (women, or parents, or affluent), they’re also doing all kinds of things (like enjoying a meal with friends, getting in a good sweat, or cramming for a big exam). And with activity targeting, you can bring together who they are with what they’re doing to create ads that leave a lasting impression and inspire action.

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