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Data-Backed Tips: Get Attention Fast with Audio Ads

Nov 7, 2022

TLDR: You have two seconds, we can help you make them count. There’s an art—and some science—to making a good audio ad. And the right creative choices make all the difference.

The clock is ticking. You only have 15, 30, or 60 seconds to get your message across and inspire action. When it comes to advertising, the challenge isn’t new, but that doesn’t make it feel any less daunting. 

Our data scientists did the studies, aggregated the data, and delivered key insights to help you create compelling audio ads. Let’s dive into the art and science of it all.

You Have 0:02 Seconds

That’s how long it takes for our brains to realize we’re hearing an ad. In partnership with UC San Francisco, we found that it takes just a few moments for listeners to decide to continue listening (or not). 

To make the most of this window, think of ways to capture and then keep attention with everything from your copywriting to your voice selection to your sound design. 

TLDR: The first two seconds are crucial to your audio ad—make them count.

The Sooner the Better for Brands

Brand mentions in the first three seconds drive ad recall. Consumers were +7% more likely to remember a brand if it was named at the beginning of an audio ad (compared to ads with mentions in the last three seconds).

While you’re making that initial attention grab in the first few seconds, be sure to include who you are—especially if you’re still trying to raise brand awareness.

TLDR: Mention your brand at the start for high impact.

Make an Emotional Connection

Emotion is a motivator, especially when it comes to ads. Creative with emotionally-compelling messaging drives statistically significant lift in recall, sentiment, and intent compared to a more promotional messaging.

Set the mood and get your audience in the right mind frame. Consider using brand messaging to build positive emotional responses over time.

TLDR: Leverage brand messaging to help build emotional connections.

Sound Drives Conversion

Music beds and sound effects are the color and light of the audio advertising world—you can use them to enhance your message. Audio ads that incorporate sound design drove 24% more incremental conversions than ads without sound design.

Bring your message to life with sound. Use music to evoke emotions and sound effects to set the scene.

TLDR: Include sound design to drive conversions.

Keep Voiceovers Authentic

The voice you choose for your ad says a lot—about your brand, your product, and your audience. And hitting the right tone can make or break your creative. Consumers prefer voiceovers that are authentic to the brand and product being marketed. 

Whether you’re selecting a dialect or choosing a voice actor, let your brand and the audience you’re speaking to be your guide to keeping the tone natural and authentic.

TLDR: Authenticity is critical for voiceover and language decisions. 

Put Your Creative to the Test

So much of what makes good creative is subjective, depending on your product, your audience, and your goal. Consider implementing a holistic test to optimize campaign results on an ongoing basis. 

Try A/B testing different voices, scripts, sound designs, etc. to learn which ads drive the best results. Use your findings to inform your ongoing creative strategy.

TLDR: Test creatives to understand what drives resonance.

Make Your Creative Resonate

Here’s the big TDLR: We can help you develop kick-ass creative that captures attention and inspires action. From raising brand and product awareness to driving visits and converting customers, we have the solutions you need to meet your campaign goals.

Let’s get creative together.

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