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Data-Backed Tips: Smashing Campaign Goals with Audio

Nov 14, 2022

TLDR: Goals are where it's at—and we’ve done the research to help you reach them. Develop a winning campaign strategy with these tips from our data scientists.

Every successful campaign starts and ends the same way—with goals. They’re the reason brands run ads, defining what they hope to achieve on the other end. Our data scientists at the Insights Lab dug into campaign data and worked with research partners to help you reach your audio campaign goals, from awareness all the way to conversion.

Find Success Across the Funnel

Consider where you consumers—both existing and potential—are in the buying cycle, and run brand and performance media simultaneously. This strategy increases your audience pool and the efficiency of your campaign.

A campaign that meets your current and potential customers where they are in the sales funnel will help you reach our marketing goals.

TLDR: Consider running both brand and performance media together to increase lift on both sides of the funnel.

Drive Brand Awareness

Make an impression by optimizing creative around upper-funnel metrics. Our Insights Lab team conducted a robust analysis of three years of Kantar Millward Brown data. We synthesized our findings into actions designed to help you drive awareness for your brand.

Leverage these three data-driven techniques to attract new customers:

  • Use Your Brand Name Early: 80% of the top-performing campaigns mentioned their brand within the first five seconds.

  • Match Content to Context: Over 50% of the top campaigns contextualize the audio experience around time of day, genre, or activity.

  • Complement with Video: Video drove an average lift of 16% increase in ad awareness and 14% in message association.

TLDR: For brand awareness, focus on name placement, context, and a variety of products to maximize effectiveness.

Get Customers in Stores

How are you planning to increase foot traffic? Our Insights Lab analyzed three years of Placed (now a part of Foursquare) data that can help you maximize ad effectiveness and drive people to your store.

Persuade audiences to visit your location with these proven approaches:

  • Create FOMO: A retail brand saw an 11% lift when they leveraged the fear of missing out.

  • Have One Clear CTA: One QSR brand saw a 46% lift in foot traffic with a clear call to action (and a little FOMO). 

  • Consider Your Frequency: Top-performing campaigns were more likely to have higher overall campaign frequencies.

TLDR: Leverage FOMO messaging, a simple CTA, and higher frequency to drive in-store visits.

Optimize Creative to Drive Web Traffic

Our Insights Lab team performed a deep-dive analysis to effectively measure cost per site visit (CSV) to understand what drives listeners to convert.

Here are three key learnings:

  • Rotate Your Creative: An education client increased site visits 3x by rotating their creative.

  • Consider Length: Using a combination of ad lengths reduced CSV by 50% for one client.

  • Lean into Your Value: Creative focused on brand value reduced costs by 38%.

TLDR: Focus on brand value and mix it up with creative and ad length to lower CSV.

Increase Sales with Sound

Immersive audio resonates with consumers, driving ad recall and sales. Our Insights Lab team dug into two years of Oracle Data Cloud data to identify tips for capturing and keeping audience attention.

Here's what they learned:

  • Leverage Sound Effects: Data showed ads with sound effects saw a +3% sales lift.

  • Incorporate 3D Audio: Immersive audio gave campaigns a +4% sales lift.

  • Use Product Sounds: Using the sounds of the products provided a +5% sales lift.

TLDR: The trend is clear—campaigns with immersive audio drive higher sales lift.

Meet Your Campaign Goals

The real TLDR: we’ve got the experience and we’ve done the research to help you develop a winning campaign strategy. Whether you want to become a household name or you need to get more people to your newest location, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Let’s develop a smashing campaign.

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