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Data-Backed Tips: Influence Audiences with Audio Ads

Nov 9, 2022

TLDR: We’ve done the research. With the right digital audio formats, targeting, and strategies, your brand messages can reach the right audiences and inspire action.

Once upon a brand, an audio ad helped a company achieve its sales and marketing goals. No, it’s not a fairytale—but when everything comes together, it’s like magic. It’s a story as old as audio and, with digital’s twist, more satisfying than ever.

With the right audio format, context, and tone, digital audio advertising can tell a compelling story that gets results for your brand. Our data scientists have studied the art of great audio ads. Let’s get into their best storytelling tips for brands.

Think About Format

Everything from ad length to sound effects to digital audio channels (e.g., satellite, streaming, or podcasts) is up for consideration. Different audio formats lend themselves to different types of storytelling, so it’s important to choose the right one for the story you want to tell. 

Before you put pen to paper or fingers to keys, align your goals to a format that will help you achieve them. You can find some great creative tips here.

TLDR: How you tell your story is just as important as what your story is.

Sometimes Less is More

If you can say it in 10 seconds, do it! In an experiment with a popular snack brand1 comparing 10- and 30-second ads, the shorter audio spot drove 56% higher ROAS than the longer audio spot. Shorter ads were also perceived to be more positive.

Shorter Ads Drive Higher ROAS

Though all ad lengths are effective, it’s worth the time to find a way to make your brand message concise—no matter how long your ad is.

TLDR: Both long- and short-form ads have their place, but short-form ads drive significant lift.

Tell a Story Over Time

Across 170+ studies, in every brand metric, four or more ad exposures generated the highest brand awareness. So why confine your story to 15, 30, or 60 seconds? In a recent case study, we found that consumers were 8.5% more likely to remember messaging if the story was developed over time with multiple creatives.

Whether your ad series comprises sequels or different acts of the same play, sequential audio is a great way to draw audiences in.

TLDR: Sequential audio allows brands to tell a story over time while increasing brand awareness.

Context Matters, So Keep it Relevant

Reach consumers when they’re most engaged—without disrupting the flow of their favorite content. In a recent study, three health-focused brands aligned their audio strategy with a workout station sponsorship with great results. 

Context increases ROAS

Remember, context doesn’t have to be as prescriptive as a meal-service brand advertising on a cooking podcast. With the right targeting tools, you can expand your brand messages into the right context for the right audiences. 

TLDR: Context matters, and reaching consumers in the right moment drives results.

Make it Personal

Maximize receptivity with personalized listener experiences. Dynamic audio uses data signals to create a tailored ad for a listener in real time. Our user surveys show dynamic audio drives +125% higher lift in purchase intent and +13% higher lift in aided recall vs. standard creative.

As any good storyteller (or marketer) knows, consumers respond to relatable messages. Crafting your ads with your audience in mind will yield better results.

TLDR: Dynamic audio drives brand lift, message association, and purchase intent.

Tell Stories that Inspire Action

Here’s the big TLDR: we have the formats, targeting, and strategies to help your brand stories reach the right audience and inspire the desired actions. Whether you need to introduce your brand to a wider audience or drive sales of a new product, digital audio ads tell compelling stories that get results.

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