Driving Progress Through Creativity: Cannes Lions 2024

Jul 1, 2024

Another year, another inspiring (if not, also exhausting) week at Cannes Lions. But no amount of dust or rain could put a damper on our presence: from networking in the sea-side cabana to hosting intimate recording sessions in the Pass The Mic Podcast booth and delivering a stand-out presence on the main stage.

Our exclusive events and innovative activations shined a spotlight on our leadership in the audio space. Through ground-breaking discussions with some of media’s biggest and brightest names, showcasing our cutting-edge advertising solutions, and demonstrating the transformative potential in brand storytelling, our presence at Cannes amplified our commitment to driving the future of audio advertising.

Female Creators Take the Spotlight

Powerful women are on the rise. With a spike in interest for women's sports to taking over the music charts to executives breaking glass ceilings, women are a force to be reckoned with. That’s why all eyes were on the women taking the stage. From our partnerships with The Female Quotient and She Runs It all the way to the main stage, our female creators dominated Cannes. 

Yara and Keri Shahidi, co-hosts of The Optimist Project, and co-founders of 7th Sun Productions shined on the main stage at Cannes alongside Jessica Giles, Editor in Chief, Cosmopolitan US, Hearst Magazines. They discussed their roles as changemakers, shared insights on their creative process, and delved into their upcoming partnership with SiriusXM, all while highlighting the importance of creating safe, authentic spaces for their audience. 

Similarly, Brie Garcia, co-host of The Nikki & Brie Show and WWE Hall of Famer joined Lynn Branigan, President and CEO, She Runs It, to discuss the courage it takes for women to face personal challenges and use their voices to uplift others. 

SiriusXM Media’s presence in the Female Quotient Equality Lounge was not to be missed. Brie Garcia had a powerful conversation with SiriusXM’s Niki Buchanan. They each spoke on their partnerships with SiriusXM Media, the strong relationships they’ve cultivated with brands and their fans, and the impact podcasting has had in amplifying women's voices.

Additionally, Ashley Flowers, co-host of Crime Junkie, CCO & Founder of Audiochuck, sat down with Lizzie Widhelm, SVP, Ad Innovation, in the Equality Lounge. Together, they spoke about the power of true crime podcasting, how Ashley continues to engage with brands and advertisers moving forward, and the ways she and her show have driven impact and advocacy for women around the world. 

These conversations call attention to the impact of female leadership and creativity on the audio industry. 

Spreading Power and Positivity through Pass the Mic

We hosted over a dozen powerful women in the industry to share inspiration in our Pass The Mic podcast booth. From C-suite executives to content creators, female leaders from across the industry stepped up to the mic, sharing their stories and advice to pass along to the next generation. Leaders from Bank of America, Expedia, the AdCouncil, and more joined us, including podcast hosts, Ashley Flowers and Brie Garcia.

Keep your eyes peeled for Cannes content coming soon. And if you’re in the mood for inspiration now, check out our Pass The Mic page.

Turning Today’s Trends into Tomorrow’s Vision

We have our pulse on cultural trends and creativity. In a lively session presented by SiriusXM Media, Whalar, and ADCOLOR, we dove deep into this year's biggest cultural trends. Our own Nidia Serrano and ADCOLOR’s Tiffany R. Warren led a panel discussion on the twists and turns of today’s trends, with interactive, meme-filled discussions and topics covering the surge in feminine power around the world to the increase in astrology enthusiasts. Unlocking the trends of today and turning advertisers into trailblazers. 

Making Audio Magic

Years of innovation in audio, technology, culture, and media have brought us to new heights of creativity and transformation in the audio world. When media companies gather at Cannes, their goal is to drive progress through creativity, inspiring others to put their creative sparks to work.

This year, we added a little magic to the mix. Steve Keller, Chelsea Campbell, and the brilliant minds at Studio Resonate took Audio is Magic on the road and presented four exclusive sessions on the GroupM rooftop, revealing the secrets behind the magic of audio. 

Audio is Magic is designed to astonish and inspire while simultaneously providing a deeper understanding of the power of audio and its ability to influence listeners, further progressing the innovations in audio that advertisers have access to today. 

Serving Sonic Sips

From the presentation room to the Hotel Martinez, we continued highlighting the significant relationship between audio and its influence on listeners. As a partner with Dentsu and Omnicom, SiriusXM Media hosted a unique activation, the Soundbar, that put the importance of audio to the test in real-time.

Do More with the Power of Audio

As we say au revoir to Cannes, we’re continuing the march forward and drive progress through creativity. By rallying behind powerful women, creating audio magic, and breaking through barriers of audio advertising as we know it, we are the powerhouse driving innovation in audio advertising. Audio guides the connection between listeners and the brands they love. And with audiences spending 61% more time with digital audio, it’s time for brands to hop on the sonic wave.


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