Pandora is the First Audio Publisher to Adopt UID2

Alexandra Piechota Carlson, Sr. Manager, Data & Identity – Ad Product MarketingJun 17, 2024

It’s another big day for privacy-forward targeting with SiriusXM Media. We’re excited to announce that Pandora is the first audio publisher to adopt Unified ID 2 (UID2). It’s the latest innovation in our on-going mission to provide advertisers with scalable platforms for identifying and reaching their customers. Now, when you buy Pandora ads programmatically through The Trade Desk, you can leverage UID2.

Let’s get into the details.

UID2 Respects Privacy While Perfecting Targeting

The decline of identifiers (e.g., cookies) has led to a targeting and measurement gap across the industry, making it difficult for advertisers to precisely target users and measure results across all buy types, especially programmatically. The need for privacy-forward alternative identifiers within the programmatic landscape is a must as programmatic business will yield $180B in ad spend by 2025. 

The Trade Desk developed UID2 to offer precision targeting, frequency management, and measurement to brands, without reliance on cookies or other identifiers in the future. It’s a privacy-conscious alternative ID, using encrypted and consented users to create a pseudonymous identifier within The Trade Desk’s buying platform. With UID2 entering the bid stream, it maintains ultimate privacy for those transacting in the open web. 

Audio is such an important channel not only for advertisers but also consumers, as it drives so much of the content we love in either music or podcasts. Pandora’s adoption of UID2 via AdsWizz represents a growing adoption of an identity strategy rooted in authentication and supportive of a premium, open Internet.

Verna De Jesus Vice President of Inventory Development, The Trade Desk

In a World of Shrinking Identifiers, Pandora Users are Logged In

The SiriusXM Streaming Network not only has the largest addressable audience in audio, SiriusXM Media also has the first-party data advertisers need to effectively reach their target consumers. Our logged in and largely ad-supported user base allows us to adopt UID2, providing brands with transacting ease and flexible buying. Brands using The Trade Desk in conjunction with SiriusXM Streaming Network will deliver their ads in a quality audio environment on our highly addressable platform. 

While we remain alt-ID agnostic and continue to evaluate opportunities, we have had a strong partnership with The Trade Desk for many years and believe in its open internet approach, providing buyers seamless access to our inventory.

Brian GilbertVP of Programmatic Operations at SiriusXM

Audio Takes Your Programmatic Buys Further

Though your customers are spending 31% of their media time with audio, it typically only accounts for 9% of ad spend. Take this latest privacy-forward innovation as your sign to up your investment in audio. SiriusXM Media reaches 150M listeners each month, and 87% of them listen to ads. That means your brand messages can be in their ears when visual media is nowhere in sight—like when they’re out making buying decisions in the moment.

We’re the Leaders in Programmatic Audio

We’re defining programmatic audio, offering premium access to our listeners with measurable outcomes.

  • Top of the stack: Giving programmatic buyers first access to inventory

  • Total transparency: Leading the industry with bid-stream data

  • Simple execution: Cover streaming audio and podcasts with one point of contact

Adopting UID2 is another step in our commitment to being an industry partner amidst a slew of privacy shifts. We’re invested in helping advertisers plan, target, and measure in their preferred privacy-friendly ways. 

Ready to learn more about what UID2 can do for your next campaign? Let’s talk.


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