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4 Reasons Why Programmatic Audio With SiriusXM Media Wins

Rachel Margolin, Senior Manager, Sales Marketing, ProgrammaticJun 28, 2024

Launched in 2018, our programmatic offering transforms traditional programmatic buying with a true programmatic-first auction approach, privacy-forward targeting solutions, and an ecosystem that fosters greater transparency. As the digital audio world grows, programmatic audio allows brands to reach consumers when they’re away from visual media—all with the same DSP tools and programmatic buying ease they know and love. 

Let’s dive into some of the key benefits of transacting programmatically with SiriusXM Media.

1. Programmatic-First Inventory Model

Our programmatic offering challenges traditional models by flipping the inventory stack on its head, placing programmatic at the top of the ad stack. By holding the programmatic auction first, we let our programmatic clients pick and choose their preferred users before delivering our direct IO campaigns. We do this because certain users are more data-rich, have desirable behaviors, or the DSP expects they’re a great candidate for a certain KPI, and these users are more valuable to the auction. 

Our programmatic-first approach is a win-win for everyone as we fulfill our direct IO orders based on our logged-in user information while providing a truly premium auction experience for programmatic buyers.

2. Large-Scale Reach Across the Digital Audio Landscape

Across all subsidiaries, SiriusXM Media reaches 150M listeners, which is one in two Americans 18+. The SiriusXM Media Network has 84M streaming listeners, with 87% of them listening with ads, almost guaranteeing reach against your target audience. And when you add the SiriusXM Podcast Network to your buy, you can achieve up to 150% incremental reach.

3. Privacy-Forward Targeting Solutions

We’ve doubled down on our commitment to innovate without reliance on identifiers like cookies, preparing for future industry headwinds by offering privacy-forward targeting solutions.

UID2 integration: UID2 is the latest step in our continuous efforts to help advertisers plan, target, and measure on their terms in a privacy-friendly way. 

Predictive Audiences: Offered in partnership with Comscore, Predictive Audience Targeting segments allow brands to reach over 300+ audiences without relying on traditional identifiers, which are limited in the podcast ecosystem.

Contextual Targeting: In both the streaming audio and podcast space, we offer a variety of contextual targeting capabilities to help advertisers reach audiences at optimal moments, when listeners are likely to be in a receptive mindset.

4. Industry-Leading Programmatic Podcast Advertising Solutions

Network Buying Drives Massive Scale

We’re revolutionizing podcast advertising by leveraging announcer- and brand-read ads across the SiriusXM Podcast Network of over 2500 podcasts, reaching 56M listeners each month. Announcer reads provide an authentic, relatable alternative to host-read ads that allow for plug-and-play across the network to ensure greater scale, while still aligning with your audience and key messaging. 

An Open Ecosystem that Fosters Transparency

The SiriusXM Podcast Network provides an open ecosystem where brands can amplify their message and reach their audience across all listening platforms (e.g., Pandora, Spotify, Apple, iHeart, etc.). 

Our programmatic offering was built from the ground up with a commitment to total transparency in the programmatic ecosystem. Our programmatic buyers know exactly what content their ads are running on. Across podcast inventory, we pass genre, publisher, show, and episode in every bid request, making those data points available to DSPs for reporting, providing not only greater transparency, but also the opportunity to make more calculated optimizations. 

 Built Around Brand Safety and Measurability

We are a leader in shaping and refining podcast measurement standards, and we prioritize adherence to industry-leading standards. That’s why we’re certified by the IAB Tech Lab for Podcast Measurement. We have successfully met IAB’s 2.1 Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines, the newest benchmarks in the field, and we are committed to furthering the brand conversation. SiriusXM Media is a member of several working groups to consistently re-evaluate and redefine standards in the ever-changing podcast space. 

To make sure advertisers are comfortable, we ensure that all content is brand-safe and passes GARM standards, and we have third-party vetted additional brand suitability measurement reporting available.

Ready to Meet the Programmatic Audio Opportunity?

Programmatic audio offers the same global frequency management, trusted data sources, and consistent measurement programmatic buyers know and love with the added benefits of a more portable and convenient entertainment format. And we’re the industry leader, offering premium inventory, unmatched scale, privacy-forward targeting, and the best in podcast advertising. Let’s talk.

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