Pandora Connects Listeners to Music and Audiences to Brands

Apr 15, 2024

Pandora is the pioneer in personalized music, attracting millions of active users with its unparalleled listening experiences. We’ve been with our listeners for two decades, and they trust us to keep them connected. Two in three listeners say Pandora plays music they know and love. And over half of them say our platform is the perfect balance of music they know and new music they may like.

According to the latest Infinite Dial Report from Edison Research, Pandora is #1 in brand awareness for online audio brands, edging out Spotify, Apple Music, and iHeart. With 84% of digital audio listeners knowing our name, we’re the obvious choice for brands who want to increase everything from awareness, to consideration, to purchase intent. 

More importantly, we are #1 in ad-supported audio. That means we’re also your best bet for reaching listeners with ads.

Your Consumers Are Highly Engaged with Pandora

Built on discovery, Pandora serves up songs that listeners may never have heard before, turns them on to artists that would otherwise go unknown, and gives them their next obsession. Our music analysts examine thousands of tracks each month, measuring hundreds of attributes to continuously deliver an exciting, engaging, and inspiring listening experience. And audiences can’t get enough of the way Pandora sparks and satisfies their passion for music. 

Your Opportunity to Engage

The numbers don’t lie. Our music discovery algorithm keeps loyal users coming back to the platform for more, taking up 27 hours of their month on average—and driving 63M weekly thumbed songs, and 7.1M weekly station adds. With every moment, every tap, and every add, your brand has the chance to leverage our suite of audio, display, and video ads.

Young, Diverse Audiences Are Tuned In

Though the picture of our average listener shapes up to be successful, millennial parents (and what brand isn’t into that?), you can’t ignore the larger, three-dimensional view of our loyal engaged audience. And that includes the young, diverse listeners who fuel todays’ trends—with Pandora there to keep the tank full.

Gen Z & Multicultural Audience Snapshot

  • Gen Z listeners on Pandora – 168M hours a month, with 5.6M station adds

  • Black listeners on Pandora – 160M hours a month, with 4.4M station adds

  • Hispanic listeners on Pandora – 156M hours a month, with 4.2 station adds

  • Asian listeners on Pandora – 9.8M songs thumbed per month, with 10.5 hours per listener

The environment of engagement and discovery attracts a diverse audience with different tastes, interests, and demographics, serving the substream and supporting artists, albums, and songs way before they hit the mainstream. And you can reach these influential listeners while they’re in discovery mode.

Pandora Connects Advertisers to Consumers in Pivotal Moments

Unlike visual media, digital audio goes just about everywhere, pairing with pretty much every activity. So, it’s not surprising that 60% of our listeners say music helps them pass the time, and 58% say music is a companion to other daily activities. And with ad-supported audio, your brand messages can be right there with them.

Advanced Audience Targeting

You can connect to the right audience at the right time with privacy-forward and proven targeting solutions. And with Pandora’s contextual targeting capabilities, advertisers can take timing and audience to the next level. Mood targeting is powered by the same music analysts that drive our discovery algorithm, allowing advertisers to tap into listeners’ emotions and states of mind. And activity targeting identifies what listeners are likely to be doing. Both solutions are designed to give brands the opportunity to create relevant ads that are more likely to resonate with their target audiences.

We’re Your Connection to Effective Audio Campaigns

With 79% of audio consumption taking place when visual media is not available, brands can’t ignore its power and potential to reach key audiences at critical moments throughout the day. And with Pandora ranking #1 both in online audio brand awareness and ad-supported audio reach, we’re your top choice for effective audio campaigns. 

Let’s connect.


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