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Feb 11, 2019

Understanding your audience and their behavior is crucial to successfully connecting with them.

Pandora has over a decade of experience doing just that. Listeners turn to Pandora for the soundtrack of their lives all day, every day. Tailgating for the biggest game of the season? Cue the pump up songs. Hitting the gym? Workout hits are ready on the go. Feeling nostalgic about the 90s? Throw on *NSYNC or Backstreet Boys Radio.

How do you connect with your audience?

Audience-First Approach

With over a decade of data points, we really know our listeners. This is why we always encourage our partners to take an audience-first approach to establish more meaningful connections. We have audiences for each and every objective that can help guide any strategy.

With over 120M listeners1 tuning into Pandora + SoundCloud each month, it’s important to identify who your target audience is on our platform. From there, we can hone in on the audience that’s most relevant to your business.

No-Waste Audience Targeting

Pandora’s 100% logged-in user base allows our partners to deliver their ad on a 1-to-1 basis, meaning that their audience is actively tuned-in to Pandora and we can accurately identify each user regardless of which device they are using. This means you’ll never waste an impression.

When a new user registers with Pandora, they fill out a short registration form telling us a little bit about themselves, including birth year, zip code, and gender. This data is declared by the user rather than inferred, insuring demo accuracy.

92%2 of Pandora listeners reside in the same Metropolitan Statistical Area as they are registered.

With match rates like this, it’s clear that our registration data is extremely accurate. Pandora’s registration data is audited annually as a part of Triton’s accreditation process with the Media Rating Council, and Pandora is the only music streaming provider to participate in this audit.

Broadcast radio isn’t as sophisticated when it comes to ad delivery. Traditionally it delivers ads to multiple listeners which provides a wide net but isn’t very targeted. Pandora, on the other hand, allows ads to reach a specific person so you to talk with them rather than at them. This personalization goes a long way.

Furthermore, our logged-in listeners are our first layer of protection against fraud. With less than 2% invalid traffic (IVT)3 across our platform, we actively prevent IVT through filtration best practices outlined by the MRC. That means, your ads are seen by real people, not bots.

Scale Reach in Local Markets

120M1 listeners tune into Pandora/SoundCloud each month spanning across the U.S. meaning we can provide localized reach at scale. Pandora is #1 in 87 US markets and is larger than all broadcast radio formats, A18+.4

By tapping into our hyper-targeting capabilities at scale, we ensure that our partners are top of mind within the market that matters most.

3800 SMB Audience Solutions on Pandora - R4 Website Image - MSA Map

Connect with Multicultural Audiences

Precise multicultural audiences are crafted by Pandora’s Data Scientists who leverage a data-rich algorithm and evaluate more than just listening behaviors alone. By surveying listeners, they can declare their race and ethnicity, which is then paired with the location and demographic data they shared during registration. In combination with these surveys, we analyze listening behaviors to identify listeners’ preferred language.

For example, if a listener tunes in to Spanish language music for over 50% of the time, we can confidently say that these users have a strong preference for Spanish language content.

Not only can we accurately identify multicultural audiences, but Pandora’s environment provides our partners with powerful moments to connect to these audiences. In a recent survey, 74% of Hispanics 5 and 68% of Black listeners 6 agreed music connects them to their culture above elements like food, values, language, and traditions.

With Pandora, you receive smarter ad delivery, better targeting, and accountability that radio just doesn’t deliver. So what are you waiting for? Reach out to your sales rep to advertise with us today!

Sources: 1 comScore Media Metrix Dec 2018 P13+ Pandora Audience Exchange 2 Internal Pandora Soundboard Research Studies 3 Pandora 3P Verification Benchmark 4 Simmons Research, Local Market Studies, Spring 2018 5 Pandora Hispanic User Study, January 2017 6 Pandora Black American User Study, March 2017

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