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Take Retail Media Network Campaigns Further with Audio Ads

May 20, 2024

Retail media networks are large and growing fast. For advertisers, they’re the inside track to promoting products where their consumers shop, including places like Walmart, Kroger, and CVS. So, if your brand offers products that are found on the racks or shelves of popular retailers, these networks offer a major opportunity to drive awareness and influence purchase intent.

Digital audio ads take these highly effective campaigns even further, expanding beyond a retailer’s media channels (e.g., an app or website) while still tapping into their network of customers. Your digital audio ads can reach retail media network customers wherever they are, throughout the day. And with longer-form, more complex messaging, you have more time to tell a story, highlight product benefits, and inspire action.  

Audio Makes Campaigns More Effective

Why limit your retail media network campaigns to traditional search, display, and on-site media? Digital audio allows brands to tell stories that motivate consumers to take action when they see those visual ads. Audio provides time, flexibility, and scale to reach and resonate with your target audience throughout the path to purchase.

How to Use Audio with Retail Media Networks

With 30-second, non-skippable ads, you can accomplish a variety of campaign goals.

Support launches. Enhance brand and product launch campaigns with audio ads to introduce consumers to a new brand or product and inspire purchase.

Influence shoppers in pivotal moments. Instead of focusing on social influencer channels, embrace audio and its power to inspire consumers when visual media is unavailable. 

Move target audiences down the funnel. Use audio campaigns to drive awareness, encourage consideration, and inspire purchase. 

Build and nurture connections. Create a series of ads. With audio, brands have the flexibility to nurture consumer relationships over time. 

Scale messages. Use audio to support campaigns and scale messages across multiple brands and products to spread brand awareness and increase engagement. 

Align with important timing and events. With digital audio, you can sync your ads to align with seasons, holidays, and tent-pole events. We curate content for every activity and mood with stations for everything from holiday favorites to summer vibes. 

Need Audio Assets? We’ve Got You.

Don’t let a lack of audio creative be a barrier. No one knows great audio ads better than Studio Resonate, our in-house audio creative agency. Our audio experts have you covered. Leverage our team to create retail-specific audio for retail media networks. From repurposing national brand spots to providing VO to writing ad copy and more, you have options.

Digital Audio Offers a Variety of Formats

You can leverage the SiriusXM Streaming Network with your retail media network investment, and, for some networks, you can tap into the SiriusXM Podcast Network, too.

Find Your Format

When it comes to ad formats, digital audio with SiriusXM Media is more than meets the ear.

Streaming audio – Digital audio listeners spend nearly five hours a day with the medium, and 72% of that time is with music. Streaming audio is a proven strategy for retail media network advertisers to drive results across the funnel, from discovery to purchase with both 15- and 30-second ad options.

Display – Take advantage of Pandora’s high-impact display units that natively fit within the platform in an uncluttered environment. And our display ads are served only when users are actively engaged with our platform.

Podcasts – Tap into the intimacy and authenticity of the podcast medium with announcer-read and pre-produced ads across the SiriusXM Podcast Network with 15- and 30-second ads targeted to retail media network consumers.

Video – Pandora’s auto-play video ads are served ads upon user engagement, so they don’t disrupt the listening experience, driving a more meaningful one-on-one connection with your audience.

Connected Home and Vehicle – Connect with shoppers all along the path to purchase through their connected devices to educate and inspire shoppers before they reach the shelf​.

Ready to Turn Up the Volume?

Amplify your next retail media network campaign with digital audio. And with SiriusXM Media, you can reach millions of consumers on top retail media networks anytime, anywhere. Let’s talk.


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