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The Digital Audio Download: Your Share of Ear Readout

Apr 18, 2024

The latest Share of Ear report from Edison Research dropped. The findings are great for digital audio, and the news is even better for advertisers. In an ever-fragmented media landscape, digital audio delivers four hours and 49 minutes each day to reach audiences.

Here are five things you need to know before launching your next campaign.

1. Audiences Spend 61% More Time With Digital Audio

From songs, to sports, to podcasts, to live talk, love for audio is one of the great unifiers. Pretty much everyone has something they’re listening to at any given moment. And it shows—especially for digital audio lovers.

2. Nearly Two-Thirds of Listening Is Digital

With the advent of satellite and ubiquity of connected cars, listeners have been falling off the AM/FM dial for years. Audiences are no longer beholden to what’s on the radio at a given time or in their area, so they’re shifting to digital audio—and it stays with them when they leave their vehicles. Since 2015, daily share of listening is down -27% with AM/FM radio.

3. 56% of Digital Audio Listening Happens at Home

The rise of connected devices has done wonderful things for digital audio. Digital audio is known for its go-anywhere appeal, and with good reason—74% of listeners 18-34 say they listen to more audio content because they can take it everywhere. Well, over half of the time, that place is home.

4. Music Makes up 72% of Listening

It’s Music FTW. And with fewer ad breaks for listeners and higher SOV for advertisers, streaming audio is a win-win. But even with music accounting for so much of the time spent with digital audio, podcast listening is driving consumption of non-music content, including personalities/talk, news and information, and sports. Since 2019, non-music listening has risen +22%.

5. Across the Spectrum, Audiences Prefer Digital Audio

Across age, identity, and background, there isn’t an audience you can’t reach with digital audio. Digital consumption accounts for way over half of all audio listening for key audiences.

We’ve Got Their Ear

If you want to reach audiences with digital audio, look no further. We reach 150M Americans across our platforms with the best in music, podcasts, and talk with both streaming and live programming. If you’re ready to take your share of ear, let’s talk.


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