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7 Takeaways and Opportunities from the Infinite Dial Report

Emma Stellwagen, Sales Marketing SpecialistApr 23, 2024

Digital media has long been on the rise, cementing its place as a mainstream medium. This fact is annually showcased by The Infinite Dial, the longest-running survey of digital media consumer behavior in America. In January 2024, Edison Research conducted a national telephone survey of 1,086 people aged 12 and older, using random digit dialing techniques to both cell phones and landlines.

So, what does the rise of audio and this fresh infusion of new data mean for advertisers? Let’s get into the takeaways and opportunities for brands.

Your Guide to the 2024 Infinite Dial Report

The results confirmed what we’ve been saying for years: Digital audio isn’t just here to stay—it’s a must-have for brands to connect with consumers. Just take a look at some of the stand-out facts from this year’s report.

1. Over Three in Four Americans Listen to Digital Audio

Like we said at the top, digital audio is getting more popular with each passing year. The medium, which pulls approximately 218M listeners, saw a +1.3% year-over-year increase in monthly listeners, reaching 76% of Americans aged 12 and up​.

Opportunity: This upward trend points to ample opportunity for brands to connect with growing audiences. And with consumers taking audio with them throughout the day, advertisers can reach them in more places and at pivotal moments (like when they’re working, cleaning, running errands, and more).

2. Digital Audio Listening Is Growing Across Age Groups

Digital audio consumption for listeners ages 35-54+ saw a +13pts increase in just the last three years. But this rise in listening isn’t limited to millennials and Gen X. Consumers of all ages are flocking to digital audio—especially younger listeners with 90% monthly reach for listeners ages 12-34.

Opportunity: Audio offers significant exposure to listeners across varying age groups, making it a cross-generation play for advertisers. And with the audience targeting options the medium provides, advertisers can reach different age groups with custom messages that are more likely to resonate.

3. Diverse Listeners Are Outpacing General Audiences

Digital audio listening is booming in diverse demographics, with 79% of African Americans and 71% of Hispanic Americans having listened in the past month. Of the two, Hispanic Americans tend to spend more time with online audio, with 14 hours and 18 minutes spent listening in the last week.

Opportunity: Diverse communities want to see themselves represented more in media. As the US population continues to become more diverse, digital audio is a channel advertisers can tune into to align with the creators and content Black and Latino audiences love.

4. Smart Speakers Keep Digital Audio Listeners Connected

Smart speakers are a central part of online audio listeners’ lives, with 34% of Americans owning a smart speaker and a +26% growth in ownership since 2020. And for today’s listener, one speaker isn't enough: 98M Americans aged 12 and up own a smart speaker, and 43% own three or more speakers in their household.

Opportunity: The rise of this tech is also driving a surge in co-listening activity, which means your ads are likely to reach a wider audience. And contextual targeting options like mood and activity targeting, brands reach a wider audience with messages that align to what they’re doing and who they’re feeling.

5. 55% of Americans Listen to Digital Audio in the Car

Whether they’re heading to work or the gym, one thing is certain: Listeners are turning to audio in their cars. And SiriusXM and podcasts play a key role in that experience. Nearly 22% of drivers or passengers listened to SiriusXM in the car in the last month, while 32% of drivers or passengers listened to a podcast. 

Opportunity: As audiences continue to move away from AM/FM radio, brands should consider doing the same. And with digital audio, advertisers can access better targeting and measurement solutions for more effective campaigns.

6. Over Two in Three Americans Are Monthly Podcast Listeners

Monthly podcast listening continues to grow: 47% of the US population ages 12 and up (or 135M) are tuning in to their favorite shows and hosts each month. This is a +12% year-over-year growth, a 47% increase from five years ago, and 3.1x more listenership than 10 years ago. Women, in particular, played a huge role in fueling this listenership growth, with a +15% increase from 2023. Men also saw a jump in listenership, boosting +4% year-over year. 

Opportunity: Podcasts are not only increasing in popularity, they’re also providing an intimate, authentic experience for listeners. And advertisers can benefit from a halo effect for their brands.

7. Pandora Is #1 in Brand Awareness

With an impressive 84% in awareness among Americans ages 12 and up, Pandora continues to lead in awareness among digital audio brands. Cementing itself as the key household name of online audio, Pandora trumps Spotify’s awareness by 3%, Apple Music by 8%, and iHeart Radio by 10%.

With online streams of radio and pureplays now considered mainstream channels, and weekly streaming audio hitting all-time highs, it’s evident that digital audio will only continue to grow and become increasingly more prevalent in the lives of all American demographics. 

Opportunity: Digital audio is a massive part of Americans’ daily lives. And SiriusXM Media is #1 in ad-support audio, making it the perfect place for your next campaign. Interested in getting started? Let’s talk.

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