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Brand vs. Agency: 4 Hottest Trends in the 2021 Definitive Guide to Audio

Nov 13, 2020

Let’s face it, marketing had a real “oh $h*t” moment this year. But along with every disruption, is an opportunity to get back to the basics: listen to consumers and respond to their needs. As a company whose foundation was built on listening, we curated everything we heard this year and laid out steps on how to move forward in our newly published 2021 Definitive Guide to Audio.

In this very special SoundCheck Session, we sit down with two industry experts and take on the 4 hottest trends in audio from both an Agency and a Brand perspective:

  1. Audio-first
  2. Agility is Everything
  3. The Cookies Have Crumbled
  4. Representing America’s Voice

With Lauren D. Williams, our Senior Director of Audio Strategy, moderating, you’ll get a first-hand look into how to approach marketing strategy in the new year.

Guests Speakers: Megan Estrada, Corporate Vice President of Media, Brand Marketing at MGM Resorts International Jay Krihak, Head of Audience at Crossmedia

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