Pandora Ad Experiences Reward Both Listeners and Advertisers

Apr 29, 2024

Digital audio has captured the hearts of 76% of the US population ages 12 and older. And listeners 13 and up are spending nearly five hours a day with it. That’s a lot of people spending a lot of their time with their favorite music, podcasts, and live content. So much so, advertisers can’t ignore the opportunity to reach consumers throughout the day.

Free Love Fest with Ad-Supported Audio

Free listening options on Pandora are popular. Our listeners get access to a vast array of music and podcasts without financial barriers—all because advertisers are supporting the content they crave. With ad-supported audio, brands can be right there with listeners as they turn up their favorites and engage with the platform to discover new ones.

The algorithm used to gauge what to play next is spot on with Pandora. I love the variety of music without having to pay fees.

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The opportunity for advertisers to reach the passionate population of music, podcast, and live content lovers really comes down to the size of a platform’s addressable audience. So, don’t be fooled by the big numbers some audio companies put up. The total audience (the number of users on their platform) may be important to them, but brands can only reach the number of users who listen with ads, and that’s the addressable audience.

Pandora Ads Offer More Than Meets the Ear

Many brands think visual first when it comes to their campaigns, but audio is just as effective (and more so in some cases). Digital audio ads have a 36% better impact on long-term memory than TV ads. And according to a study from dentus and Lumen Research, audio ads received 50% more audience attention than benchmarks across video, TV, social, and display.

Unlike visual media, audio puts the audience at the center of the ad experience, inviting listeners to use their imaginations and insert themselves into the narrative. Audio ads build an immersive world through sound, leveraging effects, music beds, and voiceovers to tell stories in an intimate listening environment. And theater of the mind techniques transport audiences into the action.

Multisensory Ad Experiences on Pandora

With Pandora, advertisers can take full advantage of the power of digital audio and incorporate visual branding and advertising components when our listeners are most engaged with the platform. 

  • Audio – Engage listeners in creative and dynamic ways as they enjoy their favorite content. Audio options include dynamic audio, sequential audio, and 3D audio.

  • Video – Run your video ad as they actively engage with our platforms (e.g., logging in or skipping a song), with higher video completion rates than industry standards.

  • Display – Capture listeners’ attention with eye-catching creative. There are a variety of display options to choose from.

  • Rewarded – Reward listeners for interacting with your ads. Win over Pandora listeners by offering free-listening rewards for their time and attention.

Reward Listeners and Make a Positive Impression

Rewarded ads let brands play the hero, giving audiences more access to the audio they love for a limited time. And the rewarded ad options on Pandora can include interactive and video elements to make the experience truly memorable for listeners.

Score with Rewarded Ads

  • Sponsored Listening – Give music lovers one to four hours of uninterrupted listening by interacting with your video or display ad.

  • Video Plus – Deliver premium features and on-demand listening to audiences who watch your video ad for a select amount of time.

  • Happy Hour – Reward all listeners who sign in during a selected time with uninterrupted listening after engaging with your ad.

Count on Pandora’s Addressable Audience

Here’s a philosophical question for you: If your ad plays on a platform where less than half the audience listens with ads (cough, Spotify), did your brand message get the time, attention, or reach it needs to make an impact? Now, let’s switch over to math, because 87% of our audience is addressable, meaning your ads are more likely to be heard with us. And with our science and technology, we offer superior listening experiences for audiences and better advertising options for brands.

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